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Golf is a metaphor for life. The harder you try to win the worse you get. When you learn to let go the game gets easier.



I have included a page about golf for a very good reason. Golfers probably have the best opportunity to see themselves and others as they really are, on the golf course. In no other sport that I can think of, is ones own integrity called into play more than in golf.

   After 30 years of playing golf I have observed, read, listened to people that  have collaborated my observations, most all golfers cheat or have cheated on the course. A persons life is an open book on the fairways of our worlds courses. If you really want to know someone, take them golfing. They will play the game of golf the same way they live their lives.

Golf was not about fairness. The ball was to be played from where it sat. There are benefits to this approach, Mr. Penick said, and I would seek to discover them. In golf, as in life, obstacles are placed in our path. In overcoming these roadblocks, our greatest triumphs occur. By improving our lie, we are only cheating ourselves of the opportunity to achieve.

From: Chicken Soup for the Golfers Soul. By Leonard Finkel
It has been said, and I for one have said it: "That golf is a game you play against yourself and nature." I do not believe this to be true any longer. In fact I believe the opposite is true. If you are really playing the game of golf and not just playing golf, you are playing with nature and yourself.

   The problem with golfers, is most have set up an adversarial relationship with the course and the ball. They are at war with them. 

   Golf is a metaphor for life, it is up and down. Learn to play the game and go with it. The "practice," is the game, learn to practice. A round of golf is just the reward for good practice. The success in your life is your reward for practicing the game of life. We eat a banana because we enjoy the taste in every bite. We are not in a hurry to get to the end. I have observed that most golfers do not know how to practice. They are in a hurry to get to the end, do the perfect shot. It never works. As in life the harder you work at it the faster it goes. You miss the whole point of the game and your life, you miss the shots in between the tee and the flag. Every shot completed gives you another opportunity to make another one. When the ball is in the hole, there are no more shots.