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""Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle""
by Roy E. Klienwachter

This wonderful book is about empowerment,inspiration and healing.

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Spiritual Development

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About Adidam: The Way of Perfect Happiness through Divine Realization
In an age adamantly committed to the viewpoint and life of materialism, Adi Da Samraj has appeared like a Storm of fresh rain in a Spiritual desert. Adi Da Samraj's primary offering is a very tangible Spiritual Transmission that directly Communicates the Greater Reality Itself.

Applying Divine Love
APPLYING DIVINE LOVE Do you feel that the world is falling apart around you?  Are you stuck in a rut with a bad job, insufficient income, poor health and failing relationship

Enthusiasm-spiritual and psychological energy
Enthusiasm is passion. Enthusiasm is a divine energy you will feel as a reward for pursuing your dreams and staying on your own path. An enthusiastic person has deciphered the secret code of his soul. And he receives the corresponding gifts: a great deal of enthusiasm, an extraordinary creativity and deep satisfaction.

Holistic Harmony Network - Self-Help Articles, Spirituality, Life Coaching - Free Articles - Yoga and Meditation
Holistic Harmony offers free articles, e-books, books, and cassettes for sale on the subjects of psychology, self-help, spirituality, therapy process, freedom from negative emotions and inner conflicts, Online life clarification process

Pathseekers Mastermind Group
Welcome to Pathseekers . Pathseekers is a group of Like Minded People coming together to form a Spiritual Mastermind! This is a free meeting place complete with audio and video and unlimited seating.

Personal Paradigm Re-Vision
@ Language=JavaScript %       (Please understand that neither Personal Paradigm Re-Vision, nor Katiti, have any control whatsoever over the content of any banner ads which appear on this site; howeve

Spiritlincs - For Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Development
Spiritlincs - The site for spiritual awareness, spiritual development and spiritual topics.

Spiritual Light Journey - Services, books, ezine, links
Spiritual Journey: spiritual services of counseling, groups seminars,and informational ezine relating to spirituality, new thought, and metaphysics

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1 Kirlian Cameras and much more
The Egely Wheel This product shouldn't work.  But it does.  This amazing device measures what is currently not even recognized by western science.  Highly recommended.    Kirlian Cameras Picture your

A call for awakening
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FISU - Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment.
FISU - Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment is Europe's leading school for teaching the art of Meditation and Spiritual unfoldment. FISU offer life transforming unique, personally prescribed meditational and spiritual techniques and practices.

Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Counselor - Nancy Wagaman, M.A.
Life coach uses intuitive and psychology techniques for personal guidance and spiritual growth.

Spirit Teaching

Spiritual Connection Channeling
Extensive channeling site with various sections with up-to-date channeled teachings, active forum, spiritual search engine, channelers directory, healing circle. Frequently updated and expanded.

Untitled Document
Mysticweb - Esoteric, Mystical and Spiritual online classes, with techniques for Self Knowledge, Spiritual Development, Astral Travel and more

Welcome to the University of Santa Monica – Graduate Programs in Spiritual Psychology
The University of Santa Monica is for those desiring a more fully functioning life reflecting greater physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual integration, gained through: Practical, relevant tools and skills for assimilating and integrating information through direct experience. A learning orientation to all of life's experiences. Applied psychological principles and practices in harmony with universal spiritual wisdom. A mutually supportive learning environment conducive to mental and emotional healing, as well as personal and professional development. An educational experience that fosters awareness and honoring of the True Self. A soul-centered approach to education.

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