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""Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle""
by Roy E. Klienwachter

This wonderful book is about empowerment,inspiration and healing.

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3rd Millennium Gateway Spirituality - Nonduality, Enlightenment
spirituality, enlightenment, nonduality, advaita, religion, buddhism, yoga.

A Host of Spirits
Dedicated domain name and web hosting for the spiritual world. Owned by IT professionals who are also mediums and psychics.

A School Of Spiritual Understanding
Presents A School Of Spiritual Understanding   This site is a serious attempt to spread the teachings of the spirit. In a time of spiritual transformation it is some times needed to look upon the vie

Achieving Spiritual Clarity

Cosmic Harmony, the State of Enlightenment - Stories and Ancient Wisdom of Sages, Saints, Avatars.
Cosmic Harmony, descriptions of the State of Enlightenment and how to achieve it. Stories and teachings of Sages, Saints and Avatars. Overcoming maya and illusion to understand the Ultimat Reality of the Universe. Wisdom of the Vedas, Upanishads, and the Advaitha philosophy of Oneness. Cosmic graphics, inspiring stories, image archives, the Celestial Music of the Spheres

Gods New Road
A spiritual website devoted to new thoughts and ideas, featuring the highly acclaimed book - i God is that you i which teaches people how to have a 2-way conversation with God. Site includes articles, book links and a detailed resource directory" Description" Gods New Road meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 5.0

HeavenLetters - Bringing Earth Closer to Heaven
Opening our hearts to God, reawakening our sense of Self and our connectedness to God and all of humanity. Read new messages from God in a daily emailed newsletter. Ask God your own heartfelt questions and receive God's personal answers. Deepen your own Inner voice through Godwriting Workshops. Heavenletters stir what is already in you own heart.

Hindu Temples
A place for spiritual enlightenment.

Mind Soul Dynamics
Mind Soul Dynamics provides you with key spiritual methods to guide you in manifesting your dreams. This book will give you the fundamental elements to bring to you Success and Spiritual Awareness. You can start your journey to a bigger and better life today. The key to accomplishing all of your goals, dreams and desires is found in Mind Soul Dynamics. There is a spiritual path that will give you a clear understanding of how you can make your dreams come true and live a purposeful life. You can start on your path today.

Mystic Soul Cafe
Mystic Souls Cafe is where like minded souls can socialize, share & elevate. Come on in have a cup of wisdom, shop, & get to know other souls. We look forward to growing with you, we have only just begun. Empower yourself with Love & Compassion.

Opening Doorways to Heal --
Change your energy – change your life! Spiritual Response Therapy – the purest spiritual healing on all levels, Reconnective Healing™, certified through Dr. Eric Pearl which is a process of reconnecting of DNA strands and strings for your healing spiritual evolution, CranioSacral Therapy, and Reiki, Young Living Essential Oils, Raindrop Technique, Spiritual Activation Massage, Star Flower Essences, the most advanced and highly vibrational essences. Please visit Pillars of Light Center each month for classes and workshops in Orlando, Florida to empower you on your journey.

Paula Muran Medical Intuitive, Empath, Spiritual teacher, guide, mentor
Paula Muran, Medical Intuitive and Empath, spiritual teacher, mentor offers healing programs for better health and wellness

Personal-Freedom.org - Self-Improvement, Psychology, Spirituality
About this site News Feeds Syndicated Articles Anywhere Is What if I had no Ego? Why there is a God Self-Improvement Diary Lucid Dreams Out of Body Experience  Dream Journal Featured Quotes Glossary

Shankari Powerful Tools of Light
Shankari's handcrafted jewelry, talismans and sacred objects have often been described as powerful tools of light. Her jewelry is often used as tools for spiritual transformation and healing.

Merged Form of Krishnradha

Experience a world first in spiritual software... ancient philosophy has been masterfully combined with modern technology to bring you the most up-to-date breakthroughs in intereative meditation and relaxation CD programs. Find peace, overcome fear, increase energy, reduce stress etc. Try our free demo...

Spiritual & Personal Growth
We believe that the Holy Spirit personally indwells every child of God and that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are essential to our spiritual & personal growth and to the life of the Church.

Spirituality - Discover Your Divine Purpose at Masters in the Making!
Spirituality for 'Masters in the making'. Discover your Divine Purpose: Create everyday spirituality.

Talking to Spirit - Channeled Readings by Lady Skye Fyre
Talking To Spirit - Psychic Readings - Channeling by Lady Skye Fyre - A refreshing look at what Folks in Spirit have to say.

The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey -- Home
A Surprising Journey Through the Afterlife.

Welcome to Spiritual Atlanta
A non-denominational eCommunity Center where those within the metro Atlanta Inter-faith community & the World can dialogue as well as access the latest info on spiritual activities, articles, columns, message board and more...

Wings for the Heart
Inspiration, spiritual growth and personal empowerment on the web! Give your heart Wings!

Wizanda - Finding One True Faith
Open discussion on all religions and beliefs, with religious books as references. The site includes spiritual poetry, directory, articles, books, gallery, news and games.

Other important links.
All Things Spiritual
All Things Spiritual "Where All Spritual Paths Are Treated With Respect"

Bizspirit.com - Home
The Message Company produces international conferences on consciousness in the fields of business, science and altered states. We also host Business Spirit Journal Online, which offers information, inspiration and resources for anyone who wants to be more conscious, spiritual and whole in their business or place of work. Our extensive A V library features many of the leading thinkers, movers and shakers who are on the leading edges of a silent yet profound cultural transformation.

CosmicLight.com - Science with Spirit
This site explores the convergence of scientific and spiritual thought with ancient and modern views of the universal principles involved, and includes high-quality image galleries and a directory of links.

CreativeSpirit is a sanctuary where you can develop your own intuition, learn about your aura and chakras, or get an insightful clairvoyant aura reading. Welcome!
Learn about your aura colors, your chakras, past lives, and how to develop your own intuition. Or get a clairvoyant aura reading with Jennifer Baltz, here at CreativeSpirit.com.

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Esoterik-Forum, Spirit-Net für Wellness, Esoterik, Astrologie, Tantra, Tarot, Reisen, Lebensberatung, Meditation
Esoterik, Wellness, Tarot,Tantra, Astrologie, Last-minute-seminare, Forum und Adressen von Anbietern ganzheitlicher,spiritueller Inhalte und Dienstleistungen,Esoterik,Spiritualitaet,Gesundheit,Lebensberatung,David Luczyn,spirituelle Kunst

Essentia - Spirituality, Meditation, Enlightenment, Health
Essentia is a spiritual sanctuary for seeking enlightenment, health and happiness. There are meditation tools, and extensive web links for Poems, Quotes, Health, Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Mythology, Religion, Music, Fantasy, Books, Art...


First Spiritual Temple Home Page
A Non-Denominational Christian Spiritualist Church. Making Sense of God, Jesus Christ, Spirit and Religion through 4000 years of Spiritualism.

FREE Reading from Astrology.com
SpiritualMinds.com - Directory of spiritual web sites, spiritual news, live web polls, mind and body products, and more. Find promotions and sponsors for your spiritual web site. Please come and see us.

Highly Sensitive Persons HSP People Spiritual Introverts
A Highly Sensitive Persons Website for Shy Intuitive Introverts, Spiritual HSP People, INFP, INFJ, Books, Service Directory, Message Board, Metaphysical Counseling

Infinite Being - New Spirituality
Infinite Being - Spirituality for the New Reality

InnerTalk®: when believing in yourself matters.
Self help, subliminal self improvement products scientifically created and proven to work. Change has never been easier.

Linklight links us all to the Spiritual Light by connecting all sorts of links that help us to raise our consciousness

Maitreya takes you to the journey of soul karmic analysis maitreya's mission on earth
maitreya his mission on planet earth, recycle your soul spiritual life inner quest thought maitreyas message of love peace harmony to world. mysteries of mind. achieving personal success growth. find seek help love counsel advice advising Build self esteem, confidence and motivation with good noble thoughts behavior astrology free horoscope daily newsletter mystics bulletin

Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan : Rejuvenating Ancient Indian Spiritual Sciences
Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan is a monthly magazine containing articles on ancient Indian Spiritual Sciences viz. Mantras, Tantric Procedures, Talisman, Astrology, Sadhanas, Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Hypnotism, Numerology, Palmistry, Alchemy, Occult sciences etc. It details numerous Sadhanas and Dikshas to realise ambitions & resolve tensions, worries & problems regarding finance, domestic, marital , black magic, intelligence, health etc. It also includes practical methods to attain spiritual upliftment , kundalini activation etc. You can attain Totality and Perfection by taking Dikshas from Reverent Trimurti Gurudevs and performing Sadhanas.

Martin Rutte
NEWSPAPER ARTICLES         MARTIN'S ARTICLES         BUSINESS EXAMPLES   Spirituality in the Workplace Hosted by Martin Rutte FREE Spirituality in the Workplace Bibliography! This extensive list of "

Matters of Spirit
Rev. Josiane Antonette, author of Whispers of the Soul. Explains death & afterlife from her own near death experience. Services include: Afterlife Communication, Spiritual Consultation, Healing, Near Death Experience, Death and Dying Support, Ongoing Education Credit for Nurses, Mt. Shasta Sacred Sites Journeys, Shamanic Practitioner, Classes and Workshops, Weddings and Sacred Ceremonies.

Mysticism philosophy and spirituality at Think Deeply
Mystics and philosophers explore the deep mysteries of the universe, focusing on life, death, God, and the cosmos. Join our discussion boards and read essays on spirituality, religion and new theories.

Opening up to Intuitive knowledge
Opening up to the world of intuition and messages from the realm of Soul, Spirit, Angels, Ascended Masters, Higher Self

Opening up to Intuitive knowledge
Opening up to the world of intuition and messages from the realm of Soul, Spirit, Angels, Ascended Masters, Higher Self

Peter Russell - The Spirit of Now
Home Page (Mind Map) for Peter Russell 's site on the Science of Consciousness, Spiritual Wisdom, Global Brain, Nature of Reality and God.


Exploration of inner life, life transitions and personal growth

Second Messenger
manifesting your desires, evolving human consciousness, Spiritual romance, finding god within yourself, tools for ascension, avoiding Armageddon, quantum spirituality, love and miracles, heart wisdom

inspirational readings, women's forum and book club. soul, spiritv META http-equiv='PICS-Label' content='(PICS-1.1 'http: www.classify.org safesurf ' l r (SS~~000 1))' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- META http-equiv='PICS-Label' content='(PICS-1.1 'http: www.classify.org safesurf ' l r (SS~~000 1))' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- META http-equiv='PICS-Label' content='(PICS-1.1 'http: www.classify.org safesurf ' l r (SS~~000 1))' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- META http-equiv='PICS-Label' content='(PICS-1.1 'http: www.classify.org safesurf ' l r (SS~~000 1))' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- META http-equiv='PICS-Label' content='(PICS-1.1 'http: www.classify.org safesurf ' l r (SS~~000 1))' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Spirit AZ
The Temple of UniversalityCelebrating the Unity of God and ManWorship, Healing, ProphesyMasonic Temple1944 Allen Road east of CampbellTucson, ArizonaSundays at 11 amRev. Betty Tatalajski(520) 884-534

Spirit Mythos Homepage
Spirit-mythic art accompanied by akashic (channelled) information on mythic archetypes, ancient earth, new earth and planetary transformation.

Spiritpage Guide
Spiritpage is an online website guide devoted to holistic spirituality, metaphysics, and healing, assisting those seeking information on the inner mysteries to utilize Spiritpage for enlightenment, knowledge, enhancing intuition, and finding kindred spirits. We welcome you to list helpful sites on Spiritpage, ranging from alternative therapy to hypnosis to astrology to altered states of consciousness to music to channeling. We are all dreamers and wish to share the magic within all of us through the imagination and the heart, transforming the bountiful blessings the internet provides into useful information you can use in your day-to-day life.

spiritual awakening
If this world is going to be a better place for all to be, I am convinced that we have to change our view about ourselves. Because where will our thoughts be? Where will our feelings be after the phy

Spiritual Eldering Institute
The Spiritual Eldering Institute is a multi-faith organization dedicated to the spiritual dimensions of aging and conscious living, and to affirming the importance of the elder years.

Spiritual Network Index Home Page

Spiritual Pathways of Light
"Knowledge is the Pathway to Ourselves" Welcome to the Spiritual Pathways of Light home page. It is so named because I have found this path the most challenging and rewarding of many I have searched.

Susan Kramer - Practical Spirituality and Rhythmic Dance for Children, Teens and Adults
Collections and articles on practical spirituality and rhythmic dance for everyone.

The 3rd Eye - Aura, Chakra, Pastlife, Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Readings
Looking for Guidance - Aura & Chakra Readings, Past Life Readings, Intuitive Readings, Psychic Readings and more. Evolutionary Guidance for the New Millennium.

The Interview With God

The Mystic Missal - A Door to Ways and Means on the Spiritual Path
A Door to Ways and Means on the Spiritual Path, information on meditation, the mystic traditions, spirituality, prayer, esoteric philosophy and its guides.

The Nature of Reality: An Exclusive Course Bridging Science and Spirit
Reiki Students & Practitioners ProfessionalLife Coaches Philosophers& Thinkers Spirituality Seekers People FacingA Challenge PersonalDevelopment High Achievers& Businessmen Home SethWorx.co.uk The

The Urantia Book Fellowship Home Page
Extensive archive, online text, index, study aids, study group information, historical timeline


Visionary products for daily spirituality from The Left Side
Visionary products for daily spirituality from The Left Side.

Waking Souls: Explorations into a new consciousness.
Explorations into a new consciousness

Welcome to Interlink Psychic and Spiritual Services
Interlink features the work of Anne Brewer as she discusses topics such as soul clearing, holographic repatterning, and other psychic and spiritual services.

Welcome to Khandro.com!
Explorations of everyday spirituality, the work of integral philosopher-theorist Ken Wilber, and east-west wisdom

World Transformation
A cornucopia of resources, connections and ideas for making the world a better place.

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