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""Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle""
by Roy E. Klienwachter

This wonderful book is about empowerment,inspiration and healing.

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Alcoholism Signs ? Help From SET for Success
Are you afraid you're an alcoholic? Help from SET for Success.

Ayurveda,Free ayurvedic consultations.Rejuvenation,virility and deaddiction therapies.Solutions for old age health problems,menopause management,kids health,herbal beauty care,and solutions to many more health problems

Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing
Free information on the chakras and healing, The Body Mirror System of Healing (BodyMind Interface through the Chakras) and A Vision Workshop (Using your mind to clear your eyesight).

Discover Health & Wealth - Secrets for Your Success
Discover Health and Wealth - Cleanse, de-toxify and rebuild your health with organic herbal products"

Grief Healing
How to deal with the grief from the loss of a loved one including a beloved pet

Healing Network UK ~ The Healing Network for Psychic Advice
Healing Network UK. The Healing Network for Psychic Advice. Free Healing Network.   Free Healing Scotland ~  Free Psychic Advice ~ absent healing ~ healing and help ~ the healing network ~ the home o

Healing Space
Spiritual healing, weekly drop-in group, notice board, articles & many links to healing, meditation, yoga training, holistic, self-help & support sites.

HeavenLetters - Bringing Earth Closer to Heaven
Opening our hearts to God, reawakening our sense of Self and our connectedness to God and all of humanity. Read new messages from God in a daily emailed newsletter. Ask God your own heartfelt questions and receive God's personal answers. Deepen your own Inner voice through Godwriting Workshops. Heavenletters stir what is already in you own heart.

HUNA FROM HAWAII - featuring the Huna healing tradition of Serge Kahili King
Huna healing based on the Hawaiian tradition of Serge Kahili King, with information, articles, techniques and resources for alternative healing of body, mind, spirit and circumstances

Internet detox, cleanse and fasting program with Daniel Reid
Home of the Webcleanse guided online detox and cleansing program with bestselling author & detox expert Daniel Reid. Detox now with others around the world.

Mind Body Soul Positive Thinking
A free health care portal to keep your mind, body and soul fresh and tension free. A new age self healing yoga practice.

Nurturing the Now, An Inner Path to Healing
Vicki Woodyard writes about nurturing the now as a way to lessen stress and experience higher consciousness. Reading some of her writings can take you to a place of deeper consciousness where natural healing resides. ...

Self-Healing Expressions - spiritual healing, new age healing, holistic health, holistic education
Self-Healing Expressions provides spiritual healing, new age gifts, guided meditation and holistic education through courses dealing with alternative healing, new age healing, holistic health and healing prayer.

Seven Rays Healing, Ancient Mysteries, Mystery Schools - SerpentsofWidsom.c
Seven Rays Healing, Ancient Mysteries, Mystery Schools - SerpentsofWidsom.com,Serpents of Wisdom is the web site of The Seven Rays of Healing School, The Kumara School of Wisdom and author and a

The Distant Healing Network
Introduction to The Distant Healing Network, its distant healing activities, request, history, recommendations and related links.

The Essence of Self-Healing by Petrene Soames
The Essence of Self-Healing: How to bring health and happiness into your life is unique in its simplicity and clarity. Written with warmth, charm and profound insights, it delivers an invigorating and empowering understanding of the links between you, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your health. It gives you step-by-step instructions, easy-to use techniques and exercises that can be simply adjusted to your own individual needs.

The Family of Light - Channeling, psychic healing and educational forums around the globe.
International mobile healing center, offering healing, channeling,and educational forums around the globe.

Other important links.
. : : : White Light Healing Centre : : : .
white light healing centre

Acupuncturedoc.com-- Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Healthcare
Acupuncturedoc.com--Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Healthcare. Including acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition. On-line newsletter, office visits and health appraisal questionnaires

Angel Connections - Psychic Angel Readings - Reiki Healing.
I am a Lightworker, Intuitive Counselor and a Channel for Spirit and the Angel of Abundance. I have been selected to be a spiritual healer through psychic angel readings. In addition, I have become a Violet Flame Reiki Master Teacher as a means of assisting healing of spirit as well as mind and body. My tools of choice for Divination are being clairvoyant, clairaudient, using the Tarot and a quartz crystal pendulum from Wales for dowsing. SPECIAL: Call For One Free Question!

Answers Within
Effective Anxiety, Stress Healing. Clear limiting beliefs affecting your life. Spiritual Healing of emotions. Lasting changes.

Bioenergy-services, Distant Energy Healing, Bio-Energy and Chakra Balancing, and Energetic Health
Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., energy healers, medical intuitives and authors. Distant healing and balancing for people and pets. Specialize in relieving asthma condition, heart, prostate gland, women's reproductive organs and bladder problems, how-to-do books on bio-energy and chakra healing

divine healing Faith healing with the World Healing Crusade
Faith healing and divine healing through the church of the World Healing Crusade channling love and healing through the power of prayer and contact

DoctorYourself.com - Health, Naturally!
Natural health supersite with 300 self-help articles and nearly 4,000 scientific references. No advertising, no products for sale. Fully searchable archive, free newsletter, detailed treatment protocols from holistic medical doctors. Presented by Andrew Saul, PhD.

Free healing: free spiritual healing and free Reiki healing
ANNOUNCEMENT:: We will build a new healing center in North Carolina. If you want to be on our announcement list about its progress, just email us. This will be a wonderful place where healing will be

Healing America, Healing The Globe, Baseline of Health program
Healing America, Healing the Globe is the only company in the world that has tied its health and nutrition products to the Baseline of Health program, as detailed in the Lessons From The Miracle Doctors.

Healing Arts Network:The online reference for Alternative Medicine, Holistic Healthand Shamanic Practice
Reference for Alternative Medicine, Holistic Health, and Shamanic Practice.Find practitioners of Reiki,Feng Shui,Shamanism,Massage,Acupuncture,images of: Peru,Nepal,England and Holistic Schools.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy uk - Information, resources and Links
A comprehensive source of information, resources and links for hypnosis and hypnotherapy in the UK

IARRT - International Association for Regression Research and Therapies Inc.
Non-profit international professional organization of regression therapists and counselors offering education, memberships, publishing, and research.

IJHC Redirect Page

mahatma home page and shamballa healing
Welcome to the Mahatma - - Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Network Site.   MAHATMA WELCOME TO THE MAHATMA  SHAMBALLA MULTIDIMENSIONAL HEALING SITE This site is dedicated to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE,  SH

Past Forward: Past Life Healing, Higher Self Counseling
Are You Being Harmed by Your Past Lives? Discover How Your Past Lives Effect You Today! Unlock the Secrets of Your Past Lives for FREE Right NOW!

Self healing, alternative health care and comfort living products
Self healing and alternative healing products,Promolife,Air purifiers,water purifiers,pest repellants, saunas,infrared saunas,steam cabinets,massagers,water coolers,wool comforters,humidifiers,ozonators,brain tuners

Soulwork-Soul transformation, multidimensional awareness, distant healing.
Advanced absent healing services to resolve life challenges. Articles giving new approaches or spiritual paths, healing, ascension, transformation, guidance, entity attachments. Soul mastery training, transformational products, advice, exercises.

Spiritual & Healing Resources - ThemeIndex
Spiritual & Healing Resources - themeindex

Spiritual Healing Facilitator - Marlana.org - Home
  Existing Clients Website Prepare for 1st Session                     Marlana & her guide dog, Jupiter, Welcome You (listen to a personal welcome from Marlana) I invite you to spend a little time he

The Angel Healing Center - your center for new health discoveries.
Will interest those with major illnesses looking for alternative and affordable answers to help you achieve a new, dynamic you.

The Crystal Tiger Home Page
Articles about Crystals and Crystal Healing, Certified Crystal Healing Classes, Spritual Aromatherapy, Animal Healing, Radionics and Reiki Healing

The Gold Hummingbird, Ltd.
The Golden Hummingbird represents the spiritual work of Foster Perry.

Welcome to Ken Page and Heart & Soul Healing
Heart & Soul Healing (Multidimensional Cellular Healing) identifies energetic patterns on the physical body. By using these patterns to access the subconscious mind, we can release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual patterns from our past.

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