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""Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle""
by Roy E. Klienwachter

This wonderful book is about empowerment,inspiration and healing.

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Talk to Spirit Guides, Healing Readings, Angel Messages
Internationally Respected Medium and Healer, Offering Channeled Readings, Hypnotherapy Readings. Get answers to your life questions, perform soul-work, and become self-empowered

The Sirian Revelations
Accelerating human awareness as we prepare for personal and solar ascension, light body awakening and our starseed legacy - to assist in the re-birthing of Planet Earth, bring the light of truth to those who are still huddled in the darkness and serve as ascension team healers and guides during the great transformation of all life in our quadrant of the three-dimensional galaxy...this is our mission.

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Abundance Tools For Lightworkers - How to continually create a more abundant life.
Natural prosperity principles for creating abundance in every area of your life. Physically manifest better health. Emotionally and mentally, create more balance and harmony. Financially, create the wealth you desire. Spiritually enhance your awareness and knowing.

Awakening into Awareness
Free ezine and Insight Mentoring based on an extraordinary experience of spontaneous awakening: a sudden, direct insight into the nondual nature of Reality, described as Advaita ('not-two' - Vedanta), Dzogchen ('The Natural Great Perfection' - Tibetan Buddhism), and Kensho ('the essence of one's being' - Zen Buddhism). The AIA website includes traditional wisdom, insights, personal reflections and a variety of electronic mailing lists dedicated to exploring the experience of Awakening, Enlightenment, Self-Realization or Liberation.

Intuition Network Home Page
    Intuition Network  A Nonprofit Organization  The purpose of the Intuition Network is to help create a world in which all people feel encouraged to cultivate and use their inner, intuitive resourc

Light Path Enterprises
Mariah Martin, intuitive, channel and spiritual counselor, profiles her, services and calendar. Information about workshops and intuitive training program. Tools to help the process include tapes, books and courses.

  July 10, 2003 Woo hoo, an update. Finally. Newly posted is a transcript from a small group that gathered in May. Some general information and an assortment of topical questions. We're currently wor

Monastic Minds
Your Name: Your E-mail:               "I really enjoyed the class. It was something I looked forward to each week."   Pat Mulcahy - Teacher [more] Your Name: Your E-mail:               "I really enjo

RealityShifters | Create Your Best Reality
Explore the source of synchronicity, coincidence, and answered wishes and prayers. Measure and increase your aura, and live lucidly.

Shadowers - Shadow People, Ghosts and Ghost Photos, and other Paranormal Phenomenon
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