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""Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle""
by Roy E. Klienwachter

This wonderful book is about empowerment,inspiration and healing.

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                                                       "Do not go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail" Ralph Waldo Emerson More Photo's by SunStar              More A

SpiritPathPeru.com - Spirit Path To The Amazon
Our purpose is to promote a very ancient, almost forgotten in today's world way of life. A way, which is simple, natural and is harmonious to the surrounding and the most innate universe...

TDNehrer's The Essence of Reality
Perspectives on Consciousness: Perceiving how life works through Clear Awareness

Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe
Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe presents ideas and images about transforming consciousness and reaching a higher level of reality. These ideas include alchemy, paradoxical thinking, and meditation.

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Art of Conscious Creation, Inc.
A site for WOMEN (and men too) seeking to understand themselves, to uncover their purpose and to learn how to consciously create a life filled with joy and success.

Cities of Light
  Selections Lady Kadjina Speaks Lady Kadjina comes to us at this time of change to help facilitate our shifts in consciousness. Tawatnaw Speaks Tawatnaw emerges to help explain the dynamics of Earth

Commonway Main Menu
  PHILOSOPHY PROJECTS LEADERSHIP NETWORK PUBLICATIONS           New!  A Calendar of Sharif Abdullah's teaching, training and speaking events! Click here! Click here for Commonway Site Map  A MAJOR NE

Conscious Creation
Be Where You Are. Choose What You Want. Conscious Reality Creation, Shifting Consciousness, Metaphysics, and more! Stop by!

Darkness to Light: Theology, Apologetics, Cults, Ethics, Bible Versions,and much more!
Welcome! Books and eBooks by the Director DARKNESS TO LIGHT Theology, Apologetics, Cults, Ethics, Bible Versions, and much more! Over 800 Web pages, plus eight books and eBooks, and a free newsletter

Earth Portals
Nibbäna 2012 Galactic Alignment 2012: Portal to a New World Age and Spiritual Transformation EXPLORING NEW METAPHORS OF CONSCIOUSNESS Site Map: | Home | Index-Text | Index-Diagram | Portal Controls |

Ebook - Spirituality, Metaphysics, Human Potential
As we enter the next millennium, a new phase of evolution for mankind awaits. This on-line ebook leads the way for a new way of thinking and acting in this new world. Spirituality - Expanding Consciousness.

Quantum-Reality Consciousness answers your Life-Problems through 2knowY Organisations,publications,'Life's Secrets Revealed', Discussion Forums, Metaphysical Workshops and Personal Counselling

Paul Von Ward
HOME PAGE Staying on The Cutting Edge of Research into Prehistory, Cosmic Consciousness, and the Frontiers of Science   PAUL VON WARD  and  INTERDISCIPLINARY COSMOLOGY WHAT IS COSMOLOGY TO YOU?This s

The Universal One - Sharing Love and Inspiration
A non-profit organization that is devoted to integrating consciousness with love and inspiration. A web site that sells nothing, and offers free services that promote love and inspiration. Send Hugs-Online, view angel photographs and stories, listen to full length music clips, go to mind connections or have your works of music, poetry, art or other loving works posted on our site. We will scan the pictures and convert the audio...free! This site is our gift to The Universal One" . meta name="keywords" content="universal one, love, inspiration, God, angels, spiritual, hugs, web, Jesus, meditation, chat room, psychic, miracle, mind, crystals, yoga, peace, healer, music, heaven, earth, reiki, astrology, horoscope, unity, books, friends, fun, spirit, showcase, self, light, free, non-profit, integrating, body, spirit, conscious, subconscious, aura, energies, consciousness, messengers, heart, Real Audio, sounds, songs, prophecies, God-self, internet, website, channeled, poetry, forecasts, angelic, art, inne

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