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Astral Aspects: Helping You Understand Your Inner Self
Astrology Natal (Birth) and Relationship (Synastry) Horoscope Charts and Reports individually cast, analysed and written. Free weekly astrology horoscopes and a wealth of astrology information can be found on this site

Astrological horoscopes, numerology, tarot, astral projection, hypnosisand psychic in Elementals Elementals Astrology for Mind Body & Spirit
Astrological and compatibility horoscopes, Alternative Health shops for colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide, orgone energy products, zappers and directories of New Age and other information sites.

Astrologically Speaking
Astrologically Speaking is the webgsite of Astrologer Anne Massey, C.A.P. The site features essays on astrology, basic articles for the student, and lots of write ups about the wonderful, predictable cycles of astrology. There are also a weekly, annual and periodic columns some of which include sun sign write-ups.

Astrology by Star*Charts
Astrology information, charts and interpretations for greater insight into romance, family, career and life enrichment. Free horoscopes and transit reports.

Astrology Charts and Reports from Extonbiz
Astrology charts and reports delivered via email to you within 24 hours. Natal,transit, compatibility, and tarot reports are all available.

Astrology Linx
Personalised astrology chart for your star sign.

astrology, horoscope, compatability astrology, chinese astrology, free astrology chart, love horoscope, free horoscope
a search engine and directory of astrology on the internet covering astrology, horoscopes, compatability astrology, chinese astrology, free astrology chart, love horoscope, free horoscope

Astrology, Horoscope, Self Empowerment and Art
Self Empowerment Resources, self growth and self discovery. Personalized Astrology Reports, on-line courses and metaphysical articles. Ethereal and Zodiac Art on t-shirts and more.

Astrology, Horoscopes and Tarot by Aphrodette
Astrology and Tarot are explained in laymans terms to give you a better understanding of the forces at play in your life.

  Outstanding Resource For Astrology Infomation 100's Of Astrology Related Websites Links Home Articles Discussion Organizations Software Publications Book List Links     Mystical, Magical Washington

Astro-Services: Your one stop astrological shop
2003 Year Ahead Forecast, personal horoscopes, predictions, astrology software, charts, relationships, career advice, Chinese zodiac, astronomy, website tips, free downloads. Free Tarot too!

AstroStar - Astrology and Horoscopes, Spirituality, Metaphysical articles,Twin Souls and Soul Mates, Tarot Decks, Books, articles, and more.
Free horoscopes, soul mate twin soul info and message board, metaphysical articles, free oracles and advice columns, books, astrology resources, healthy earth, humor and more.

Confidential Astrology Readings and Free Horoscopes from Astrowork!
Your horoscope gives you guidance and direction - spiritually, in your career, your relationships, and your finances. We offer from-scratch readings, computerized reports, answers to your questions, and information on how astrology works. We've been doing astrology readings by mail and email for over 25 years.

Djuna Wojton - A Visionary Teacher
Web Pages of Djuna Wojton, Medicine Woman, Seer, Author, Yogini, and Visionary Teacher. Information on Astrology, Tarot, Reiki, Past Life Regression, Healing, and Belly Dancing in Philadelphia

Free Astrology
Test your horoscope compatibility with other signs. Check your physical, mental and emotional beorhythm. Get a free numerology reading and lots and lots of free astrology content.

HUNA FROM HAWAII - featuring the Huna healing tradition of Serge Kahili King
Huna healing based on the Hawaiian tradition of Serge Kahili King, with information, articles, techniques and resources for alternative healing of body, mind, spirit and circumstances

Love horoscopes and love astrology by leading masters.
Accurate love horoscopes and love astrology among other services.

Magi Astrology - Magi Society
This is the Official website of the Magi Society and the only authorized website for Magi Astrology™ Astrology-Love 10 Principles (posted February 9, 2004) Financial Astrology-Stocks (posted October

Psychic Readings by Mrs. Lynn
Psychic Reader in Chicago, Mrs. Lynn. Psychic, tarot card readings,Soul mate uniting, meditation classes, and astrology. Caring advice on all maters. In person or Phone." meta name="abstract" content="Psychic reader in Chicago" meta name="author" content="lynn@asklynn.net" meta name="title" content="Your Psychic in Chicago - Mrs. Lynn" meta http-equiv="Reply-to" content="lynn@asklynn.net" meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="cache" meta name="ROBOTS" content="INDEX,FOLLOW" meta name="revisit-after" content="2 days" meta name="rating" content="General" meta name="generator" content="Created Using Yahoo! PageBuilder 2.61.75

Vedic Astrology & Horoscope-Indian Astrology
Customized manual consultation and astrology reports on Vedic System. Phone Chat consultation by astrologers in India. Free horoscope forecast on daily, monthly & annual basis

Vedic Astrology Center
Internet home of Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) Vedic Astrologer and teacher in San francisco -- Many specialized readings and classes available. Sign up for a Free Weekly Forecast and a Free astrology reading.

Welcome to Matrix Astrology - the ultimate in astrological software

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A Place in Space
                  This site is dedicated to disseminating quality leading-edge articles from astrologers around the globe. We feature an extensive collection of articles by well-known Chiron speciali

AquarianAge --- Astrology and New Age Spiritual Resource and Entertainment Megasite
Over 500 pages devoted to astrology, holistic health and New Age spirituality.

AsiaFlash : horoscope, voyance, tarot, prénoms
Astrologie. Astrologie Chinoise. horoscope quotidien, horoscope hebdomadaire, horoscope mensuel et annuel. Voyance directe. 100.000 prenoms. 50.000 Noms de famille. Tarot. Astro-sexe. Astro-amour. Kamasutra. Feng Shui. Cuisine chinoise. Homosexualite. Sites gratuits. Les celebrites

Astrofantasy- Astrology, Books, RPGs
Astrofantasy- Where Astrology and Mythic Vision Merge With Creative Imagination

Astrologers offering astrology readings-listings of professional astrologers
Astrologers-find a professional astrologer offering indepth astrology readings in the Western or Vedic tradition.

Astrological Knowledge
Computer Natal Reports Find out the secrets of the planets at the time of your birth. This is an in-depth look at your astrological natal chart and the impact the planets have on your character. All

Astrology - Metalog - The resource for quality astrologers
If you're looking for a professional astrologer, here's the place to start! Metalog is home to the Metalog Directory of Astrologers, as well as the Astrological Association of Great Britain and the Centre for Psychological Astrology

Astrology At Mystic Stars - Horoscopes and Astrology by Lasha Seniuk
Astrology At Mystic Stars offers all forms of astrological services, including FREE weekly horoscopes, weekly emotions, 2003 Year Ahead, Romance for 2003 and a Post Card Shop.

Astrology Chart Shop by Astro Energetics
Astrology charts and personal horoscopes with a deeper meaning: discover astrology for personal growth

Astrology et al Book Store & Metaphysical Center
The Largest Selection of Astrology books and Supplies on the Web. Plus thousands of Metaphysical, Pagan, and Spiritual Books and Items.

Astrology on the Web. Relationship-focused Astrology & Horoscopes with Soul Connection
Astrology on the Web is a comprehensive astrology information focusing on astrology and relationships plus free daily, weekly, monthly and annual forecasts. Relationship analysis, personal horoscopes and excellent articles.

Astrology Shop On-Line - astrology.co.uk
Astrology Shop On-Line The EQUINOX range of Personal Horoscopes by astrologer Robert Currey give the most understandable and practical horoscope interpretations available today. For those interested

Astrology Software: The Awesome worldrenowned Kepler program
Source of the best astrology software in the World! We have the best technical support in the industry! Phone 352-373-1504 or kepler@astrosoftware.com

Astrology Software: Zodiac X-Files.com
Download zodiac astrology software shareware trial programs from the lost horoscope eXe-files.

Astrology Tarot
Astrology articles, astrology horoscopes, tarot readings, new age articles on astrology, tarot, self-improvement, and holistic health in our online new age e-zine.

Astrology, Metaphysics, Horoscopes, Spirituality
Tuesday, July 29, 2003 You are here Home Page Weekly Horoscope Weekly Astrology Horoscope This article will only display in JavaScript enabled browsers. Home Page Receive Your Free Ezine Web Site

Chinese Astrology, Horoscope Love Match, Baby Gender Prediction and Feng Shui
Chinese Astrology for Baby Gender, Dating, Love, Marriage Match

Esoteric Astrologer
Commentaries from leading thinkers in the realm of Esoteric Astrology and the Seven Rays. Ongoing contributions of articles and essays are building a rich resource for all students.

Free Astrology For The Soul | Free Daily Horoscopes with Moses Siregar III | Zone
Free Astrology For the Soul and Free Daily Horoscopes with Moses Siregar III and Friends | A Fun Zone for Astrology Fans

Horoscopes, Astrology and Charts - StarIQ.com
StarIQ offers free personal horoscopes, daily astrological articles and astrology resources.

Karmic Astrology, New Growth Energy Healing
Karmic Astrology traces the soul's evolution from past lives into the current life, setting the stage for a great journey of free choice in this incarnation; and New Growth ™ Energy Healing allows th

Kenaz Services - Horoscope and Astrology Charts, Used Metaphysical and OccultBooks, Feng Shui supplies, and Astrological Occult Metaphysical Pagan Resources
Astrological Chart Services and more! - Free Astrolog natal horoscope printout

kristo's daily horoscope. Astrology for the wildly intuitive.
kristo's daily horoscope. Astrology for the wildly intuitive. Dreams, Astrology, Art, Alchemy and Intuition. The alchemy of symbol interpretation in dreams, art and everyday life.

LauraDesJardins, Astrologer - Astrology - Laura DesJardins, Business or Financial Astrology
Professional business astrological services which can help you to determine the best time to invest and divest, acquisitions, mergers, buying and selling of land, property and merchandise. Select the right employees, develop strategies and formulate growth planning, expansion and downsizing. Personal counseling, video tapes and cassette tapes.

Marjorie Orr - Free daily horoscopes, Horoscopes by phone, Full birth charts, Year ahead charts
Marjorie Orr's astrology site. Free birth charts, political astrology, heavenly headlines, horoscopes stars by phone, full birth charts, year-ahead charts, your relationships.

Medical Astrology - Ingrid Naiman - astroheal.com
The cornerstones of Ingrid Naiman's Astrology of Healing are: stress, the cause of disease; the elements, constitutional type and temperament; astroendocrinology, chakras and endocrine system; and fate, the relationship of psychology to spirituality.

Metastudies University Home Study Courses in astrology, Tarot, Handwriting Analysis and more.
Courses in astrology, tarot, graphology, metaphysics,and candle magick.

My Script - by Me
A Site about Astrology, White Eagle, Sarah Brightman, Tina Turner, Egypt, Poetry, Cats and Dogs, Family

Sirius Astrological Services
This site offers an exhibit of color starmaps from earlier astrology and provides detailed descriptions of the Cosmic Window and Sirius Astrological Services' other products.

StarSeer Astrology Counseling Services and Reports
Astrology numerology tarot -forecasts and counseling services- reports- charts are offered as well as a full line of personal astrology and esoteric consultation services

Through Night's Fire Astrology: Dedicated to the study of Love, Karma, Sex, and Relationship
Through Night's Fire Astrology is dedicated to the study of Love, Karma, Sex, and Relationships. Offering Karmic relationship readings, Soul path readings, Personal Consultations, Sexual Astrology Readings, Compatibility and Destiny issues, and so much more. Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer and spiritual relationship counselor Dena L Moore writes monthly Love, Karma, and Sexual horoscopes, Original New and Full Moon Rituals, and updates Through Night's Fire constantly. The site is always growing, so please stop in and see what's new!

Treehouse Mountain
topmargin=0 leftmargin=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 Predictive Index    Introduction The Concept is Elegant in its Simplicity. Asteroids offer greater detail, precision and accuracy in radix and p

twincities WELLNESS: February 2003
TCWellness Exploring the 21st Century's New Medicine

Universal Astrology, Maggie Kerr, Astrologer, Australia, Horoscope Consultation, Courses and Books
Peronal Astrology Consultation, buy the Universal Astrology Workbook Series, Pyschology, Metaphysics and emotional healing. Maggie Kerr offers 20 years of experience.

Weekly Zodiac and Horoscope Forecasts-Astro-Services
Weekly astrology forecasts: in-depth astrological forecasts for each zodiac sign from professional astrologer Ellen Emeney. Personal consultations, psychic readings, and individual Tarot readings.

Welcome to CelestialNavigations.net:featuring the life and work of Ann Kreilkamp, philosopher and astrologer
Enable Javascript to correctly view this page.

Welcome to the Enchanted Spirit Metaphysical Resource Center
Astrology articles, astrology horoscopes, tarot readings, new age articles on astrology, tarot, self-improvement, and holistic health in our online new age e-zine.

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