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""Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle""
by Roy E. Klienwachter

This wonderful book is about empowerment,inspiration and healing.

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Angel Academy
A happy site devoted to angel lovers, the study of spirituality, and the attainment of enlightenment. The world is changing. Soon, everybody will be in direct communication with his or her angels and guides. Why not you? Why not now?

Angel Drawings
Susan is a very gifted intuitive artist that is able to see into the angelic realms to paint your personal angels. And more angel inspired drawings, paintings and greeting cards.

Angelic Abundance - Discover the Wealth Within You
It is very important to keep in contact with your internal authentic self so you can see where you are going....Catherine and The Angels of Abundance ... Treasure Maps Letters from Home Talk with Ang

Earth Angel Spiritual Center - The spa for your soul.
Helping people worldwide find and follow their own spiritual path through Angel Therapy Spiritual Counseling and Energetic Healing

Ronna Herman & Archangel Michael Welcome You To Star Quest!
About Ronna Archangel Michael     Background     AA Michael     7 Archangels     Evolution     First Ray     Messages Seminars     Schedule     The Purpose     Comments     Ronna's Role     Sign Up  

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Angel Friends
Angel Friends

Angelic Messages To All
This web site is dedicated to sharing angelic messages about Divine Love, spiritual progression, healing and much more. Messages received from the angels describe how to increase the Love and joy in your life, greatly improve your well-being and develop your soul through receiving God's Divine Love.

ArchAngelGrams - New Age greetings that send blessings & positive energy from the Archangels..-|-
New Age ArchAngel Grams are inspirational messages filled with love, positive energy and encouragement, with information about the angels,archangels and metaphyics and new age philosophy, to inspire and uplift the recipient with messages from archangels.

Language of The Heart
Dr. James Martin Peebles is a wise and witty spirit who acts as spokesperson for a band of angels. Channeled by Trance Medium Summer Bacon, Dr. Peebles offer life guidance, healing, and wisdom from beyond.

Mystic Temple
This page is about Angels, Mt. Shasta, Reiki, Mysticism, Atlantis etc.

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