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""Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle""
by Roy E. Klienwachter

This wonderful book is about empowerment,inspiration and healing.

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Building Self Esteem
Building self esteem and self confidence is the key to happiness and success.

Coloring Therapy - An alternative to formal meditation practices with a pot
An alternative to formal meditation practices with a potential for family and interpersonal team-building skill development. Guidelines and resources to help you inexpensively improve your coping and awareness skills through an enjoyable activity.

Hindu Temples
A place for spiritual enlightenment.

I Ching Reading and Resources with Clarity
Authentic free I Ching readings, personal consultations and coaching with a lifetime guarantee. Plus over 150 pages of information, and a friendly I Ching Community

Kundalini Gateway: Kundalini Mailing List. Index.
Sitemap K. List FAQ Subscribe Unsubscribe History List Archives Archive Search Kundalini FAQs Caution Symptoms Experiences Member Essays Meditations List Topics Art Gallery Poetry Cybrary K. list Pol

Moments Of Pride Gay Weddings Services
Find the best custom written poems and wedding speeches for gay weddings at Moments of Pride.

New ConneXion, Alternative Resources for Portland, Oregon
New ConneXion - Your best access to positive, wholistic, alternative, community minded organization's and businesses in Oregon and S.W. Washington.

Qinway Qigong: Accelerated Complete Healing System
Master Qinyin's Qigong healing system emphasizes energy infusion and detoxification. Offers Qigong retreats, Qigong videos, Yin-Yang Healing Tea and energized objects.

Truth Serum: Tools for Going from OY! to OH!
A virtual playgound for optimists & those who want to be! Sponsored by Debra Suan Antin, Peace & Optimism Coach. Featured: A spiritual maintenance plan, Ro-Hun Therapy ACIM(R), Meshoogie's Clown Ministry...

Other important links.
Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine and Your Health Care
Alternatives For Healthy Living, an online health community, is a provider of free information about alternative and complementary Medicine.  The Alternatives Staff is dedicated to helping you be completely informed and active in your own health care, and to achieve the highest level of health and wellness possible.

alternative press
Top Searches for alternative press, alternative press alternative press magazine alternative press review

This site is meant to serve as introduction to the teachings of the chassidic master Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810).

Chakra Studio, Christine O'Byrne
Christine O'Byrne's online Art Gallery and information on the Energy of Color

Crystal Healing Necklaces For Alternative Health attains Love,Wealth, Health and Abundance
Offers very powerful Crystal Healing Necklaces for Alternative Health. The wearer attains Love,Wealth, Health And Abundance. Heals mind, body and spirit. Free brochure attached.

Francis Lucille, a spiritual teacher, Advaita, non-duality, nonduality
Advaita (non-duality, nonduality): Our consciousness is universal and eternal. It is the ultimate reality of all things. It reveals itself as happiness, intelligence, love, and beauty.

Gnosis Magazine
Gnosis Magazine was a quarterly magazine devoted to the exploration of the spiritual and esoteric paths of the Western Hemisphere.

Island of Freedom
Western Canon web encyclopedia freed from your professor's Marxist agenda

KABBALAH or Kabala Words of Wisdom
Kabbalah tools for improving one's life through kabala wisdom. Knowledge of kabala and a great way to become a better person through kabbalah knowledge. Hebrew and kabala studies a benefit.

KarmaNet Online Learning, Metaphysics, Meditation and More!
Meditation - Mind Body - Martial Arts - Zen - Metaphysics -Ayurveda - Feng Shui - Japanese Culture - Homeopathy - Reiki - Aroma Therapy - Alternative Health - I Ching, Yoga, Buddhism and More!

Kientalerhof: Centre for Wellbeing and Creativity, Switzerland
Training Center for Shiatsu, Center for Continued Education for Shiatsu, Cranio-Sacral, Feldenkrais-Therapy, Personal Development, Management Training, Music Improvisation, Dance, Cooking, Philosophy, Sprituality, Hotel in the Swiss Alps.

Kundalini Survival & Support
Information about Kundalini, first person articles about Kundalini complications, a Kundalini Survival Guide, a Support Forum, and quality articles and links from over 30 sources in the Kundalini Links Webpage.

Magus Books & Herbs - featuring alternative religion, astrology,wiccan, magickal, new age, freemasonry, paganism, tantra ufo and metaphysicalbooks, herbs, incense, music and ritual supplies
Fast online store with flat rate shipping featuring astrology, wiccan, magickal, new age, freemasonry, paganism, tantra, ufo and metaphysical books, herbs, incense, music and ritual supplies

Medicine Dreams Alternative Healing Center: Energy, Herbs, Sound, Dreams
This site is dedicated to alternative healing modalities and other spiritual tools for guidance including dream interpretation, reiki, reflexology, healthcare products, inner child healing, apostolic healing and herbals.

new age
           World of Alternatives Chakra Tuning Balance and tune your chakra in minutes.    Supergreens & Alkaline Diet Click HERE for more details NUTRITION ONLINE Click on the picture for more infor

Nightingale Spiritual Healing
Nightingale Spiritual Healing: Christine Nightingale is a Reiki Master, Trained Aromatherapist, and Channels Guardian Angels.

Om Sakthi Spiritual Movement
Spiritual movement for the upliftment of spirituality in all religions through understanding and service to humanity.

Sacred Steps Lightworker Empowerment Transformation Tools
Remember your divinity, see more divinity in others. Sacred Steps shares tools for selfhelp, transformation, healthy relationships and subtle energy healing

Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard – Information
Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard – information about the religion, its practicies, people and community projects the Scientology Churches are involved with.

Soulful Living ® - A Monthly Guide to Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Self Help, Conscious Living, Women's Issues, New Age Spirituality, Cultural Creatives, Healing, Joy, Transformation, Whole Life Living, and Holistic Health - SoulfulLiving.com
Soulful Living - SoulfulLiving.com, an award-winning, monthly guide to personal and spiritual growth, brings an oasis of healing and joy to the Internet each month, as it explores unique themes of soulful interest, with best-selling authors and highly regarded experts, in a peaceful and meaningful, online environment. New at Soulful Living: The Mandala Collection, Featuring Exquisite Gifts and Tools for the Inner Journey.

Spiritual Metaphysical Energy Healing Study - Advance Energy Healing School
www.innerfocus.org Healing School & Advanced  Energy Healing Study UPCOMING  EVENTS Women's Resource Fair March 5 - 6 College of DuPage Glen Ellyn, IL Click here for information HEALING INTENSIVE Mar

The Kundalini Files - since 2000
Cheap Web Site Hosting Kundalini and spiritual articles written by me, 'AD', with an emphasis on reason, experience, and broad-mindedness. There are also autobiographical accounts of spiritual awaken

Welcome to the Aetherius Society
The Aetherius Society reveals the connection between UFOs and mankind's place in the universe, revealing how Flying Saucers are helping Earth enter the New Age. Founded in 1961 in USA the Aetherius Society shows how the science of radionics is being used to usher in the New Age, how the secrets of the yoga mystery schools can be used by all today. The Cosmic Masters who man the UFOs explain why they are visiting Earth, what happened to Atlantis, the truth about abductions and how everyone can use the spiritual practices they have given for themselves and the world.

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