Journey To Freedom
by Tracy Barker

Tracy is an amateur spiritual writer who recently started submitting articles to my web site. She has also been editing some of the articles from other new writers for these pages. Like the rest of us, she has taken the next step out of the box and is finding out about her true nature through her own writing.





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Start With a Foundation of Love (Part Two)

The plumbing problem persisted……… more holes in the ceiling……………….. Hmm……………… I knew the job had been done correctly, I had checked under the bath… there were no more leaks, yet the problem was still unresolved. A kind neighbour "Rob" offered to fix what we both had decided was a leak from one of the radiators in the back bedroom. We pulled up the floor in the bedroom and following this action the outcome was the leak was not the radiator, we were back to the bathroom….. The leak was caused by an unseen main pipe…. A loose nut, it took 2 quarter turns and the leak instantaneously stopped. The neighbour refused to take payment for his kind donation of time.

   I went to the kitchen, my first reaction was wanting to sit and wallow in my own self pity and misfortune, my brain told me to react and go into hard done by mode but instead I laughed at the irony and before taking a glass of wine, I began to breathe out, slowly and consciously putting into play what I too often forgot to do! I began to become calm and I began to remember, I remembered foundations. Conscious, sub-conscious, ego: mind, body and spirit: bricks cement and mortar: These are all foundations. Are they not? But my core is the perfect spirit which constantly shines when I allow it.

   The movement of water symbolizes for me, emotions! crashing waves – well they are usually anger or frustration, ebbing waves, well they are usually contentment or expectation, calm waves, well they are usually peace and love…I have a poster in my room which says that "Serenity is not peace from the storm but the calm amid it". As often as I move in my growth I still struggle with allowing and not allowing my emotions to overwhelm me. Sometimes I allow this to happen for days and while I pretend that everything on the outside is wonderful, all I see is grey! (Someone told me once that "when it is hard to be happy, pretend that you are until your brain does it automatically, these negative reactions are learned behaviors that we can overcome.")I try and mostly succeed in seeing wonder and awe in everything and all of these watery problems are only representations to bring me to write this article.

    These problems are only distractions from what is truly important, they are only cosmetics. (I could be homeless, and then what would I have to worry about. I am blessed; we are all blessed once we know it.) The truth is that what we are looking for is so simple, we allow it to become profound and difficult to understand! Why was the heart so reluctant to let love flow?

   My heart and soul soar at a sunset, or at a harvest moon, it revels in peaceful situations and soul connections, it loves all of life.

   I drove to a lake area last week, I wanted to see the sunset but I missed most of it because the kids started just as I was about to make the journey. ( Parents know what I mean!) Anyway, I didn’t get fed up with the fact I was late starting off, I was glad that I compromised my time and put my children’s needs and demands first. Instead of putting the foot to the floor which I was inclined to do, I decided to drive at a comfortable speed and take in what scenery I could.

   I made it to the lake and the sun, which was already below eye level. The reflections of light over a very calm surface, gave the lake a pretty pink glow. The sky was clear with big bubble clouds. (You know the ones you write in). I looked around at the majesty of it all and wished that all the world could see this peace. I stayed for a while and collected some fox glove, I was so happy to take in all the beauty.

   Life is as life is; you can either go with it and learn or resist and keep learning the same thing over and over again. This will continue until you become to believe that you are not a victim, you are a victor! You are in control of your perceptions and emotions;  even in your darkest times you can find the answers deep within yourself. Once you discover these truths, miracles manifest and you need no other, your happiness lies within your own being. Your truths are shared with many; sometimes it is difficult to find a support system because you truly have to become grounded in your own truths before you become capable to be subjected to others! You have to trust only one thing, yourself, your own motives, your good intentions and the fact that your live is divinely laid out before you.

   I am glad I have been broken-hearted, hurt and lost, for you see it has all been for my divine good. I read once, and most of you will be familiar with Donald Neale Walsch and his books "Conversations with God", to understand these truths, "one has to experience all that you are not, to fully experience all That you are!".

   And for most of us, how else would we know the difference. Jesus and many like him were enlightened and transcendent beings who understood the secrets of Life and the universe, who remembered who they were and who came to teach that we are all one! There is no-one without a purpose, this world would not exist if not for you or me. There is no sheep lost, your dreams are already here and every day is to enjoy and watch your life’s lessons and dreams unfold and become your reality, bringing you closer to the Divine and to the Divine spark within you. We are all made of the same stuff! Whether we like to believe it or not.

   You and I are the creator’s of our own reality and Love is our basic instinct, wanting to feel loved, looking for love when the true knowledge is that you and I are already loved and are love.

   Look at the wonderment and awe around you, are you not breathing! I saw plants growing from dirty grid drain, you know the ones and it occurred to me that even in the darkest places the light can get in and assist growth. There just needs to be a willingness and trust to follow the path, the inner voice, to stand strong in your decisions even if it seems there is no light.

   St. John of God’s quoted in one of their leaflets a phrase I will never forget and that is so true. "We are all struggling for the same goal, each one on our different paths, which are divinely guided by God. Be confident in your trials. ALL IS WELL. Your life is your Choice! No-one else is responsible for it. You have been given freedom, yours is just to take control. You have a Divine purpose and knowledge that makes you unique and that no-one else can share; it is your wisdom, and your responsibility. Take it with pride and victory directing all to peace and love.

That’s why we are here, it is heaven on earth. World wake up the time is now!

I will be starting a weekly column very soon, probably the beginning of August as soon as I am online at home. Where does spirituality start and how does one begin to attune and maintain this connection?

   The first thing is to start feeling good in this new knowledge that you are a wonderful spiritual being having a physical experience in a life that you have chosen, a life that best suits you. It may be that you need to feel better about yourself and there are many ways to achieve this depending on what is holding you back.

   I will share some of these things with you in my next article remembering I am only a host with my own opinions, I have the same potential as you and some of you share the same truths and some have been living these truths much longer than I have understood them .

   Maybe there is something you would like me to write about or aspects you may want to know more about, I am happy to write and share my thoughts with you in honesty and Love.

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