Journey To Freedom
by Tracy Barker

Tracy is an amateur spiritual writer who recently started submitting articles to my web site. She has also been editing some of the articles from other new writers for these pages. Like the rest of us, she has taken the next step out of the box and is finding out about her true nature through her own writing.





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Start With a Foundation of Love

I recently legally separated from my husband and with the little money left over from our financial re-arrangements I set about creating a little garden of Eden outside my back door.  I was tired of looking out at concrete.  Anyway, there were jobs in the house that needed attention but I was happy to ignore these for the sake of my self expression in the garden.

   Anyway, in the midst of topsoil, sleepers and decorative boulders, the leak I had been ignoring upstairs now manifested itself in the kitchen.  Unable to use the sink or fix the leak I got into a conversation with my ex hubby (Who remains a dear and helpful friend). I began questioning the amount I'd spent on the garden and complained about the constant maintenance the house needed and he made a statement that made me tingle, I knew there was a message in it by the sheer shudder I felt.

   He said " As much as you will have a beautiful garden outside, the damage done by these little leaks are causing underlying damage which if left ignored would begin to destroy the very foundations".  I likened this to our emotional and spiritual growth.  I worried that my foundations were not strong and maybe the beauty was just external and not deep within my heart.  

   Had I been dealing with my emotions or just covering them up?  Sometimes in the absence of self love I fill up with fear, self doubt, and any other emotions that creep in depending on the circumstances, and I lose my Authentic Power!

   Lately, when I experience this I examine myself, I usually find that either my perception changed or my emotions changed while everything else remained the same and I begin fretting and worrying in my own creation and my own uncertainty.

   I thought then,  that emotions are not flaws in our truths but beacons to direct us to the area that needs attention.   When we understand our emotions and react appropriately to them they are for teaching and learning, helping us to connect deep within ourselves and allowing us understanding for others.

   Anyway I called out a plumber to access the damage and give me a cost estimate.  The three things needing attention were inexpensive to repair and there was no long term damage.

   My foundations were not damaged, and I gave praise.  These leakages are only reminders of the wear and tear on our hearts caused by many factors and influences but our foundations are our perfect souls which cannot be shaken, manifesting itself in all its beauty both inside and out. With faith, love, trust and good  intentions, for ourselves and others, we can regain our Authentic Power and enjoy in the unfolding of our lives, we can embrace ourselves and all of  life.

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