Journey To Freedom
by Tracy Barker

Tracy is an amateur spiritual writer who recently started submitting articles to my web site. She has also been editing some of the articles from other new writers for these pages. Like the rest of us, she has taken the next step out of the box and is finding out about her true nature through her own writing.





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Are We Abandoning Our Inner Child

Life is about been happy and enjoying our situations and surroundings, yet all too often we get caught up in work and responsibilities. It came in to my mind today that maybe in all our seriousness, all our professionalism, all our deadlines, all our adulthood, we are abandoning our inner child. True! We are adults, but at the very core of each of us is a child who is looking for love and acknowledgement. We are responsible for this inner child, for giving him/her the love they need, and in doing so, we are loving ourselves, but all too often when we become aware of this inner child, we usually punish and reprimand him/her, we chastise or ignore him/her for their insecurities and their alleged failures and that is if, we even acknowledge him/her.

I have challenged this scenario in my own life experience in so much as I started to take stock of my reactions to this inner child when she started to demand my attentions. At first, I have to admit that she was a big inconvenience; after all I was nurturing two of my own children, working full-time, as well as keeping all the other daily chores in check. There was just not enough time left to cater to this inner childís needs and insecurities.

My Angels challenged me as they always do, gentle advice just at the right time. Their timing is always perfect. Anyway the advice was in a card called Nurture. I was to pay attention to how I nurture my own and other children, for in doing so I was nurturing my own inner child.

The first thing that I noticed was that even though I was nurturing and loving these children both physically and emotionally, I sometimes only half listened to what they were telling me, or sometimes reluctantly spent time with them while been mentally pre-occupied by other things. Lifeís busy schedule did not allow any time for real play and I displayed a level of impatience or I put play time off until tomorrow. Much to my disappointment, I found that at times I was very impatient with my children and had pushed their need to play aside. Taking this lesson on board, I looked at it from my inner childís perspective only to realize that I treat myself in the same way, performing all the tasks that need to get done and not allowing myself, my inner child time to play. To combat and resolve the situation with my children, I decided to buy some board games, and I find that nowadays the children and I have a little more time forgetting what has to be done and allowing ourselves to become carefree and enjoy time laughing and interacting together without any other distractions. The dishes can wait until the morning. My own inner childís needs for play as an adult is to allow myself time out with friends and enjoying interaction in a light-hearted way, leaving all my other commitments or concerns aside for that time.

The Angels advice that resounded with the core of my being was that while helping and teaching children in my life, I was also teaching myself what I needed to learn. I paid attention to the messages I was delivering to the children and their parents, and I knew that these messages where also for me.

I have re-learned to play, laugh, and be silly and carefree. The main objective is to nurture all involved with as much love and attention as possible.

"Take time to play and be light hearted, enjoy your time and the simplicity of life."

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Suffering: to undergo or be subjected to pain, grief, damage, loss, defeat, change.

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