Journey To Freedom
by Tracy Barker

Tracy is an amateur spiritual writer who recently started submitting articles to my web site. She has also been editing some of the articles from other new writers for these pages. Like the rest of us, she has taken the next step out of the box and is finding out about her true nature through her own writing.





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Why Do We Suffer

Suffering: to undergo or be subjected to pain, grief, damage, loss, defeat, change.

Why do we have to suffer? Why is the world so full of suffering? Why, when I turn on the news all I see are people suffering in many different ways? Why is Mother Nature causing so much suffering? Why does God allow this to happen?

My best friend's catchphrase is "Ours is not to question Why? Ours is just to do and die!"

She always quotes this when I get over philosophical or disillusioned. Even though she doesn't share many of my values nor is deeply interested in examining life and spirit, I upset her recently when even I began to question my own truths. She saw me loosing faith in the essence of myself, and watched as my energies depleted.

What good can I achieve if I become overwhelmed by suffering? Sometimes we suffer today, when everything is the same as yesterday! The only things that change are circumstances and perceptions. Suffering is a prolonged emotional response to outside stimuli/feelings sometimes forced on us, which can only turn to hate, loss, revenge, greed, defeat, etc, the very thing that caused us to suffer comes from our suffering, but everyone will experience it so to learn. Take each day as it comes. Do good where you can with the resources you have and receive this goodness back as a gift from the Divine. Keep a positive attitude, remembering that you are the creator of your own reality. Even a smile can change suffering, for in that moment when you are smiling your suffering has been forgotten. We can all choose to be victims, but really living life is about becoming a Victor. To combat world suffering we first have to combat individual suffering and community suffering, only then can we affect the world.

There is so much going on in the Divine order of things. The world is what seems corrupt and unjust, but in every negative something positive happens. Look at all the natural disasters lately, it is heart breaking to see so many lose their lives and horrible to try to comprehend what those that are left behind, have to endure. But it is in these catastrophes that the good comes out in people and the world unites almost like a community. People all over the world sit up, take notice, take interest, have their hearts touched, travel to countries to help them rebuild their lives, send donations, contact politicians etc.

Look at the London disaster, the suicide bombers blew up the train stations and other areas in the same day. London was shut down, Life's were lost. Another September 11th. Some people believed this action was taken by The IRA (Irish Republican Army) who had previously carried out similar attacks. They confirmed that it wasn't them. Since this incident, the IRA have recently disarmed and have given up all their weapons after all these years. Co-incidence! Maybe they saw the devastation these terrorists caused reminded them of their own wrongs, it's obvious that terrorism is no longer acceptable in society and let's face it; it is not changing anything for the good. We are all sharing the same planet; surely it can be discussed in an adult fashion. WAR is not the solution!

Is Mother Nature punishing us? I don't think so; my opinion is cause and effect. Let's face it, we have sapped the natural world of its resources, cut down rainforests, used harsh abrasives, and for years turned a blind eye to our refuge problems which in turn has polluted our land and water. What else do we expect, all this negativity and irresponsibility has to and have its repercussions.

I don't believe God is allowing this to happen, I believe blaming God is pointing the finger and refusing to accept responsibility for our actions. Did he not give us Freedom of Choice. God intervening only takes back the gift he gave us, which is our own innate ability to choose right from wrong, good from evil. I think God or the Divine or whatever name you choose who has the power to intervene has the ultimate suffering of all, which is watching his children suffer. If you were the parent how would you feel? We have to learn the Power of Love for ourselves.

The world is evolving very slowly, too slow for some of us, but one day we will again All be ONE!

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