Journey To Freedom
by Tracy Barker

Tracy is an amateur spiritual writer who recently started submitting articles to my web site. She has also been editing some of the articles from other new writers for these pages. Like the rest of us, she has taken the next step out of the box and is finding out about her true nature through her own writing.





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Trust Yourself - Learn to Love

Today I did something I'm not sure youíre suppose to do, but I went with the feeling. My children commented on a small high rise building and as to how they were afraid of the height of the balcony. I told them that was where I was reared until I was about 11 years old and the balconies went all the way up to the sky. We lived in flats on the 5th floor and boy, was that high. I decided to go back in time and re-visit this old place. When I arrived, I noticed that the place had deteriorated since my time there; it was like driving into another world.

   I found the old street as if guided by instinct and with little trouble found the exact block of flats in which I once had lived. I haven't been there in 22 years. The place had changed so much and although there was much effort been made to make the place better, the old road was just that. When I was little, people were poor but they had pride. Today, I felt aggression and oppression in the air; it hung like a big heavy cloud. It lacked hope, there were men fighting with boys, and gangs and everyone looking out for self. It pained me to see the men struggling to walk down the road because they were too drugged or drunk, and the children playing in the streets displayed what all children display, innocence and dreams. Dreams of a different life and I remembered where I came from.

   I was afraid to bring the kids up to the 5th floor, somehow it felt unsafe and I gave out to myself for been such a coward, not willing to take the risk, maybe I was been guided. I went with the information I had.
   We left and drove less than 10 minutes to arrive at a public garden, it is so big and beautiful, it is like a museum of flowers, in fact, and that is exactly what it was. We walked the full circle taking in all the colour and smells, the array of trees, flowers and labyrinths. Itís wonderful how children thrive in areas like this, they just run off ahead with inquisitiveness and openness. We walked through glass houses and looked at plants from all over the world, from South Asia and Africa to Australia, it was wonderful. There were squirrels everywhere, and they reminded me of the children, they had no fear of people, they were inquisitive and open, they had become so tame. They were unafraid. I had left the old street only to find peace in this beauty in this place such a short distance away.

   My sister and I saw him at different times. A man that passed by us as he sat on a bench, it was obvious that he didnít have much, his clothes were tattered and worn, he probably walked the twenty minutes it took to come from my old home area. You could see that life had challenged him and his history was written all over his face. He sat there quite content taking in all of the beauty. Maybe he was killing time, or maybe he was an Angel, I donít know which. But both of us felt his presence, both of us noticed him as a powerful entity, not knowing why!

   The squirrels have changed because their environment is different here, they do not have to forage for food, it is in abundance, people feed them, and they accept freely yet retain their own boundaries. This man removed himself from his reality and maybe went to this garden to be ďAll that he isĒ. His addictions or hardships do not change the truth of All that he is, and right there in that place, at that time he remembered all that he truly was, just as I did.

   In this space, we become one with ourselves and can allow all else to fall away. When we move out of this space, we need to bring that peace with us, that self acceptance and trust that we have a purpose because each and everyone one of us does. We would not exist if not for one another.

   I re-read some writings I did a few months back which are all part of my own growth and learning and if I may be so bold as to share with you some of my own inner conversations.

   All the love I need can be found inside me. The angels and life have taught me that I am responsible for my life. I am the creator of my own happiness no matter where I am. No matter what happens, the positive energy and Universal Spirit will delivery me/you and give us all that we need to find the love inside ourselves that will in turn help us create positive thinking in our own life, and allow us create opportunities for us to change our perceptions and circumstances. A new day to make our dreams a reality and if you are on drugs, you are loved, and the love you are looking for is found, not in your next fix but inside yourself. If you live in a bad marriage, the love that you search for from your husband is within you. You deserve good things whatever your circumstances.

   The answer you seek you already know. The love you seek you already have inside you waiting to nurture you back to health in every way you dreamed possible.

Trust yourself!
Learn to Love!

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