Beyond the Edge of Reason
by Tajuana Ozaneaux

Tajuana, although young in years, she speaks from the wisdom of her elders and her own personal experience. Tajuana is an amateur writer who is not afraid to step out of the box and the beliefs of her family to write what is in her heart.





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Thoughts of a Multi-Dimensional Traveler

The sands of time wash over me,
bringing the things of life that are to be
All the reasons that I AM
are as infinite as grains of sand.

To know of love and all that's true
to believe in hope and be born anew

To look into the eyes of existence
and see the beauty of me, a traveler in this plane--this dimension

For all that ever was and for all that will be,
Thoughts and reality rests within you and me.

To know that true love has no end--
Respecting the preciousness of ALL THAT IS

One day as travelers, we will see--
the meaning of eternity.

For all that is and ever will be
Let us manifest Peace, Love and Harmony.

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