Beyond the Edge of Reason
by Tajuana Ozaneaux

Tajuana, although young in years, she speaks from the wisdom of her elders and her own personal experience. Tajuana is an amateur writer who is not afraid to step out of the box and the beliefs of her family to write what is in her heart.





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More on Healing the Universe is an Inside Job

As human beings, we perceive to have individual experiences—yet we are all part of the same whole. I pondered this thought and came up with the following example:

   An airplane leaving New York has Paris as its’ final destination. In route it makes a few stops to pick up or drop off passengers.

   The passengers are of various ages, genders, physical descriptions, ethnicities—etc.

   Each passenger whether child or adult, male or female, French or some other nationality are for the time being—sharing this experience. They interact with one another on various degrees or levels; the pilot with the flight crew, the flight crew with one another and the passengers, and the passengers with each another.

   Esoterically, these individuals all represent part of the nuclei within the confines of the aircraft, while simultaneously being the nucleus in the world of personal experiences that they themselves manifest on this third dimensional plane.

   Upon arriving in Paris, some itineraries may call for those on-board the flight to continue their journey to other cities or countries.

   Thus the group of individuals held together by their common experience (being on a flight to Paris) disperses, to go about whatever experiences they choose to create.

   Every one of us has the ability to create our experiences. Though we are connected, we perceive our creations as separate from everyone else’s. As creators, the experiences we create become part of our "individual" universes.

   Our experiences are manifestations of our thoughts. Our "thoughts become things" * creating our world—our own personal universe. We as creators, represent the nucleus or heart of all that we manifest in this plane. No matter what it is we choose to bring forth—essentially, it’s all about: "experiencing."

   It’s also about the journey. During our journey in this third dimensional plane, the experiences we create whatever they may be; are opportunities for us to experience.

   The difficulties or problems which we hallucinate as part of our experiences can only be healed if we look inside ourselves, and put forth a concerted effort to understand the reasons behind whatever unpleasantness we’ve manifested in our lives.

   We can’t "heal" or move forward, by simply reading self-help books, looking to gurus or listening to the advice of others. The prospect of healing must move beyond the thought or idea of something being "broken" or "wrong." Something doesn’t need to be broken for it to be made better than it was before.

   There is no "right" or "wrong," only our perceptions of what or how we believe things should be. It’s about evolution and our willingness as Journeymen to look inside ourselves, into our own personal universes, beyond our perceptions of separation—to understand what we have created and why.

   In making a conscious choice to move beyond our perceptions of fear and separation; we begin to expand our realities. As we journey along the path of our existence, we lift the veils of repression and forgetfulness; exposing our true essence.

   However, if we choose to ignore the opportunities to look within, I truly believe we then allow ourselves to circum to illusions of fear, poverty, lack, and a host of others. We miss our chance to garner a deep understanding of who and what we really are—the love, joy, and greatness that exists within each and every one of us.

   Healing our universe is an "inside" job. When we begin to heal our illusions, we manifest a new way of "Be"-ing. What we manifest within, presents itself without. That manifestation carries forward, touching each and every aspect of "Be"-ingness"—of existence. The more we return to center, the more we recognize it as being our home. That realization increases our vibratory level and the vibrations within our own interactions with self and one another; increasing the vibrations of the whole, which echoes throughout the Universe as we remember and realign ourselves with the ALL-THAT-IS and ALL THAT IS NOT or Source energy.

Healing our universe is an "inside" job—release un-serving paradigms.

 *quote from Michael Dooley

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