Beyond the Edge of Reason
by Tajuana Ozaneaux

Tajuana, although young in years, she speaks from the wisdom of her elders and her own personal experience. Tajuana is an amateur writer who is not afraid to step out of the box and the beliefs of her family to write what is in her heart.





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Awakening to a New Reality

What if you awakened from a sound sleep to find yourself in a strange place? --A place where everything around you is radically different from where you were before. So different in fact, that it made you wonder if all the things you ever believed to be real were nothing but illusions.

   What if in this place, you realized, that all the things you believed to be impossible--proved to be quite possible.

   How would you feel and what would you do, if all your desires materialized into your reality exactly as you had envisioned? Or with just one thought, you could change your sadness to joy and your tears to laughter.

   What if your mere presence in this place, allowed you to take your pain---whether physical, or emotional and replace it with feelings of wholeness, strength and exhilaration?

   How would you feel and what would you do, if there was only now and yesterdays or tomorrows didn't exist?

   How would you react and what, if anything, would you change about your beliefs in this strange place where you found yourself inundated with all these inexplicable happenings?

   Would you become more mindful of your feelings, your desires and beliefs because you realize that in this other place. You create your own reality? Become more considerate and loving to yourself and all those with whom you share this new existence?

   Would you live all your dreams to your hearts content and willingly walk through the fires of your inharmonious creations knowing that when you emerge, the flames of experience will have changed you?

   Though it sounds like a premise to some science fiction novel I believe such a place does exist. Within each one of us lies potential, which uniquely enables us to lift the veil of forgetfulness, and awaken to the truth to who and what we really are--allowing us to realize the wonderful and amazing opportunity, which presents itself thru our existence.

   How marvelous to be in such a place, I think to myself--as I lay my head on my pillow and drift off to sleep.

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