Beyond the Edge of Reason
by Tajuana Ozaneaux

Tajuana, although young in years, she speaks from the wisdom of her elders and her own personal experience. Tajuana is an amateur writer who is not afraid to step out of the box and the beliefs of her family to write what is in her heart.





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The (R) evolution of Consciousness

Who will be the 100th Monkey?

 Iíve previously written about the aspect of an omni-present, unified All-Knowing energy-- which I believe occupies the conscious continuum (Symphony of the Conscious Continuum).  In my reading, I came across an interesting concept Iíd like to share with you.

 Scientists had observed a species of Japanese monkey (Macaca Fuscata) in the wild for more than 30 years.  In 1952, Koshima Island scientist provided the monkeys a food source: sweet potatoes that had been dropped in the sand.  They observed that though the monkeys liked the sweet potatoes, they found the sand on them unpleasant.

 An 18-month-old female, who began to wash her potatoes in the salty ocean-- eliminating the dirt and improving the taste, solved this problem.  She taught this trick to her mother.  Her playmates also learned the trick and taught it to their mothers. Other monkeys in the troop picked up the cultural innovation gradually.  Only the adults who imitated their children utilized this method while the others kept eating dirty potatoes.

 In the autumn of 1958, something phenomenal took place.  It was observed that a large amount of monkeys were washing their potatoes.  The exact number however, is unknown.  Scientists therefore assigned the hypothetical number of 99 to these phenomena.

 Then it happened, the 100th monkey learned to wash its sweet potato.  The conscious energy of the one monkey somehow created an ideological breakthrough.  Almost every monkey in the tribe was washing their potatoes before eating them.

 More surprising was that scientists observed that the habit of washing potatoes had jumped overseas. Colonies of monkeys on other islands, as well as the mainland troop in Tokoskiyama began washing their potatoes.

 This phenomenon seems to lend itself to something more than the knowledge of food preparation is possible to be disseminated collectively.  We are all parts of the same whole.  When we are able to tap into the continuum of consciousness and obtain (r) evolutionary insight; sharing the information obtained with other individuals, somehow injects energy into a frequency within the continuum until finally, critical mass is reached.  When this happens, it triggers an energetic switch that opens the flood gates of the continuum, transmitting en force the frequency of the acquired insight; thereby activating the receptors that exist within our collective of consciousness allowing the veil to be pierced and the acquired insight to be disseminated mind to mind via the continuum.

 Perhaps the young monkey was open to receive this way because she was able to move beyond the mass hypnosis of habit allowing the manifestation of other alternatives other possibilities, by which she could act upon.

 Each moment, we too are presented with opportunities to step out of the mass hypnosis perpetuated by our refusal to rid ourselves of habits, beliefs and superstitions that no longer serve our higher purpose.  Some remain bound slaves to un-serving belief systems because: spiritual leaders say so or itís what our grandparents/parents have always done or simply because everyone else is doing it.  However, if we take the time to ask ourselves why we do the things we do, especially when it is something that causes us to feel uneasiness within we might use as an excuse some of the reasons previously mentioned.

 Itís time to wake up!  Itís time to snap out of our hypnotic state and open our minds to the energies of creation. Who knows, if enough of us do this we may just reach critical mass.  Any one of us, like that 100th monkey can usher in a new way of being of thinking which benefits the collective of humankind as we join together--one with another on our journey along the path to enlightenment.

So who will be the hundredth monkey? Will it be you?

Healing our universe is an inside job. Release un-serving paradigms!

 Until next time---


The Hundredth Monkey by Ken Keys, Jr.

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