ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


I Read Your Perspective


I read your perspective at I believe you share the same views with most people on this planet - then again - The human race is in trouble.


The above comment, was left on my guest book this morning. When I checked the page this morning I scanned over it and accepted the comment as a compliment on my observations in the article mentioned.

   As I thought about it further, I thought this isn't really a compliment at all. What the visitor is saying is that I am part of the thought process that is troubling the human race as he suggests. I am part of the process that is troubling the world. Hmmm!

   Because I see a situation I give power to it, by recognizing that it the visitor acknowledged the situation in my article, he also gave power to my article and the human race situation. Both of us acknowledge the trouble and give life to it. We are in fact creating it. We are co-creators in manifesting a human race that is in trouble. There is more than one reason for me writing that article as there probably is for the visitor in commenting on it. But the bottom line is we give it life. We both have a choice in thought as to whether the situation exists or not.

   It is said that both heaven and hell exists in the same time and space. It is our experience and recognition of their existence that makes them so. In this world there are people that are totally oblivious to the pain and suffering that is going on around them...for them pain and suffering do not exist. I have met many of these people during my sojourn in this world. They are operating on a completely different level than I. They are creating heaven. Life is a joy for them, every moment is precious and filled with love and life. You tell them about what is going on around them, and they give you a blank look, like what are you talking about. How is this possible?

   In the same time and space, there are those that are experiencing a living hell. Life is miserable, suffering is the norm, and no love exists. We bump into these people every day. Where do they come from? How can they be in heaven?

   The only difference between what these people are experiencing, is their thought about there environment and the circumstances of their life. This is not about fooling ones self. This is about creating, or manifesting what we want to experience. Dying does not take us to either place. We create what we know to be true for us. Thought always comes first in the experience that we have. Thought is always manifested (created) into physical form. When you die you will not go to either place. You will experience what you believe. If you believe in heaven, you will experience it. If you believe in hell, that is what you will experience...until you become aware that you are creating it, and you will shift your thinking to create a new experience.

   The silent partnership that the visitor and I have, is that we both believe what I wrote in the article and we have given it life. This is the Great Secret to life, to the experience of heaven and hell, good and evil, trouble or no trouble, worry or no worry. Change your thought and your experience will change in kind.

   To the anonymous visitor, thank you for your gift

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