ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


The Worst Blasphemy (Channelled)


The worst blasphemy is to deny your existence! You were created with purpose. You are in the physical world so that I may experience myself through you in the physical form. Your were given a life, form and identity for that to happen. You were given an awareness of your life so that you could move freely and independently of me to explore all the possibilities that life offers. That independence has created an illusion of separation from me. You are in truth me, yet you deny me in order to keep your independence and distance. You do not act as "god" for this reason. You declare in you words and actions that you are an individual. You announce to the world, your individuality.

   Roy, you are male, you are a caring loving human being. This is your truth that and it is what others know you by. You deny me in order to give yourself life. This is purposeful, it works for both of us, because there is only one of us. Itís not right or wrong, it simply works. Itís how I designed it. As you declare yourself as Roy, you take on all the characteristics that you imagine a "Roy" to have. As you deny me or lie to yourself about who you really are, you loose the ability to use or identify with the creator and all the attributes of the creator. Through lying to yourself about who you are you have created a new identity, so for my purpose the act of lying is right and purposeful. As your awareness of your real identity becomes greater you will become and act more like me, until you become me once again. The act of lying therefore is purposeful. Denial gives you life, until it no longer serves your purpose. Mankind has made the act of denial or lying, immoral in any form, yet there is none amongst you that is not living in denial or you could not be who you say you are. You could not be who your are by not denying who you really are.

   So if "I" God set the president for lying, and I am the father of morality what is "wrong" with lying? Lying is hurtful when it does not allow any one individual access to the truth about who they really are. You live a lie about your own existence, but you do it from freewill. The access to your truth is always with you. But you continue to deny it because it works for you, it is what creates your freedom from me and it is in alignment or harmony with you desire, or the purpose of which you are a part. Lying is hurtful when it denies who you really are, because it goes against the "prime purpose". When you lie to another about who you are, you deny your existence. If you belief for example, that you are a person who does not steal, you created that person. If you go out and steal, you have denied yourself and that person becomes less than you imagined, the image becomes weaker. If you lie to a person about who you are, you hurt yourself, you weaken the image you have of yourself and you have now created a new person that steals. The other person no longer exists.

   The problem with lying is, it calls upon the liar to judge. Judgment comes from an individual assessment of the perceived truth, so lies based on judgment do not work for you either. Judgment is never based on the actual truth, therefore lies cannot be either. Lies deny access to the truth. When truth is held back, choices and freedom are held back. Your very existence comes from freedom of choice. You are free to deny me, to give yourself life, but I do not hold back the truth. The truth is allows within you, it has never been taken away from you and you have immediate access to it. Is the illusion then, a lie? Illusions do exist, the illusion is not a lie. Your individuality is the truth, it is observable, the lie only comes when you choose not to believe the truth when it is presented. It is possible to know the truth and the illusion. You choose to live the illusion, but you do not have to believe it.

   Morals have little to do with truth. They are simply rules, or guides that man has created to live in harmony with his perceived image of the truth. When does lying hurt? When it denies who you see yourself to be, and does not allow others access to the truth, so that they can freely make a choice about how they see themselves. Lies hurt and do not work when they deny access. Lies hurt because they create judgments, about others. Judgment is never truth. When you hold back the truth you deny yourself and the other access. Because your very evolution depends on access, you deny your growth and the growth of the other. The reasonís for lying are many, they are not right or wrong. They simple donít work on a spiritual level for either. When you lie, you always hurt yourself first, and then the one that you are lying to. Self denial always comes first and denial of the others existence follows. Denial is really confirmation of an awareness. You cannot deny a lie unless you know the truth first. A lie repeated often enough becomes your new truth.

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