ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Chopping Wood And Carrying Water



There is a Buddhist quote: "Before enlightenment there is chopping wood and carrying water. After enlightenment there is chopping wood and carrying water."

   These two lines are the first of the Buddhist quotes that I put to memory and I have used them to keep myself grounded. One of the things that I thought would happy after I started actively exploring my spiritual life was that I would not experience the physical world in the same way. I thought that I would become an observer of life, but not necessarily involved in it. I thought that I would somehow float just above the ground and that the trials and tribulations of everyday life would somehow disappear.

   Over the course of the last six years that I have been exploring and writing about spirituality I have learned that we are in the physical world to experience it. While we are physical we cannot escape the limitations of physicality. We can ignore the body and pretend that we are not in it, but the body has a way of calling us back to this reality.

   The thing that grounds me is the knowledge that we are here to be physical and there is no other reason or we wouldn’t be here--I like to state the obvious. I may not be of this earth, but I am in it. So, while I like to rise above myself, I am constantly pulled to the earth, there is no real purpose for enlightenment other than to satisfy curiosity or be enlightened.

   I will still go to work in the morning. I will still laugh/cry. I will still love and feel pain. Enlightenment has brought me a new vision. I can now remove myself from my body and watch it struggle. With infinite love and understanding, I can see where I have come from and where I am going. I can smile and have a little giggle. I can laugh at myself and join in on all the physical emotions and still love myself for being so stupid, so ugly, so fat, so skinny, so weird, so myself.

   Enlightenment cannot take me away from my place in time and space, but it can bring compassion and tolerance for all things as they are. The world is a perfect play ground, it is a wonderful buffet of choices and I cannot ever make an incorrect choice because I am enlightened and within that awareness I find my peace.

   I thought that with enlightenment I would move a little lighter; maybe develop some kind of psychic skills, something, anything! Wisdom has taught me that I am in the correct place in time to experience the circumstances of my life within the ability of my own awareness to acknowledge them and use them for my own benefit.

   The awesome power that I possess is limited only by me within my own ability to use it wisely. I have exclusive control over my life only and I am the creator of all that I experience. I chose to come to this earth, to be born and to experience the physical life. When I leave here I will not be able to. I cannot touch the ground while I am busy soaring with the angels. "When in Rome do what the Romans do."

   "Before enlightenment there is chopping wood and carrying water. After enlightenment there is chopping wood and carrying water."

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