ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


News Flash





What is it that constantly draws us to these kinds of headlines? Why are we so fascinated by the drama of tragedy and hardship? Why is it that the news is so highly dramatized and leans towards suffering, and negative reporting?

   I stopped reading the papers and the news on TV years ago. By the time I had finished reading the paper in the morning the hair on the back of my neck was standing straight out. In fact my neck and shoulders hurt so much, I would often have to take pain killers for the migraines that followed. It created such anger in me that eventually I gave up the paper and evening news on TV.

   Reading the paper was a terrible way for me to start the day. But I was not so much angry about what I read, but that I thought I needed to read it, that I needed to expose myself to all these terrible things.

   It is one thing to become aware of the things you read about in the news, but it is quite another that you look so forward to reading about them that you cannot start your day until you have had your news fix.

   Some of this is understandable in that we live in a relative world, and that is how we judge our own lives.

   If someone is poor enough to be eating garbage when they can get it, then we must be lucky to be having three good meals on our plate each day. If someone just lost most of their family in a tragedy, then we must be lucky because we have ours. If someone just lost a family member to cancer, then we must be lucky to have healthy ones.

   Comparisons tell us things about who we are and over a period of time we have been conditioned to compare ourselves to others that are less fortunate then ourselves.

   The long term effect of this conditioning is that it may allow us to feel grateful for what we have, but it does not lead us away from our current conditions and into something better. We become complacent and fearful, so we hold on tightly to what is ours and never really have the time to actually enjoy it. If we are constantly bailing water, how to we have the time to enjoy the ride, the scenery or the companionship? If we are looking through the trees, and around the corners for danger, we are missing the forest and everything else.

   There are those that would tell me that I need to know what is going on in the world and my community, and that I am just sticking my head in the sand. They may be correct, but I believe that there is a huge difference in being aware of what is going on in the world and living your life for the drama of what is going on.

   World events and news are simply opportunities for you to relate to them in your own terms, given your model of the world and how you see yourself in relation to it and the environment. Are you responsible for all things that happen, and given the awareness, how are you to react to this knowledge? You can hang on, you can bail, you can think about building a better boat, you can pray, you can get angry, you can welcome the adventure, you can join in on the rescue, you can create new laws and procedures or emergency measures, you can begin to swim, and the possibilities are endless.

   The news brings us opportunities to react or not. It brings awareness of current conditions in others parts of our world and local community. The news is only an opportunity and should not be dramatized or sensationalized. The news, as doe’s morality, leads us into fear if seen as the norm, with no way out. If we accept what we read about as the truth, then we will be guided by it, and it will become the “New Master,” in our lives.

   The conditions in the world are created by people and especially like minded people. War is a fact because there are people who wish to experience it. There are those that need to attack and those who need to defend.

   Disasters are only natural in that people create them in their minds and the disasters are physical manifestations of this collective thought process. All physical symbols are created in thought first and then demonstrated.

   If the world at large is constantly exposed to doom and gloom, and if that is all we read about, think about, that is what we will experience. If that is why we grab the paper first thing in the morning to read about, we will not be disappointed.

   When was the last time you rushed to the TV or the newspaper in anticipation of reading about something very positive? It doesn’t happen very often I promise you that. What do you watch on TV?

   At our present level of enlightenment worldwide it simply could not happen. Until we advance to a newer level of self awareness about what works and does not work for us, we will continue to be slaves to morality and the news that expresses it.

   If you rush to the TV or paper tomorrow anticipating reading about all the terrible things that are happening in the world, then you are part of the cause for them and not a solution.

   Most all news is heavily biased towards negative reports. Bad news is good news for news agencies, this is what sells. There is a need for it or most of these agencies would be out of business. Is this something that you feel you need in your awareness to improve the quality of your life? What kind of comparisons do you need to validate how you live and how you react to the news?

   The world is a humongous buffet of choices and all of us have absolute freedom to exercise our right of choice at a subconscious level. Consciously we may not be aware of these choices until we examine our own life. Our physical life and its circumstances are an observable, physical manifestation of those choices. The events of our lives are not random or chance, they are purposeful, and they were created by us individually on another level. Awareness brings with it the power to change what we choose.

   The TV and the newspapers are physical symbols of a collective world thought that we are in control of. But history should only be a symbol of what has or has not worked in the past, and it should be critically questioned. News is history and it is never accurate or definitive. It simply is news. It is an estimate of events.

   The news can not be blamed for the circumstances of the world. But it is a yardstick of how the world is thinking. If there were no bad things happening, there would be no bad news.  It does little good to go back into the past to create a better future. You cannot concentrate on a positive future while you are spending all of your time in a negative past.

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