ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Lord We Are So Unworthy...What a Crock



What kind of a mind could believe such a thing. That "I" God almighty could create unworthy beings…

   Humans are such a fascinating aspect of myself. I am in constant awe of this wonderful creation. I have given humanity physical life and the power to create anything that you desire. I have left you the awareness of the connection between you, your environment and me. I have given you free choice to be anything that you wish, and you have chosen to see yourselves as unworthy. Why, I’ll never know.

   However what works for you works for me. I have given you this freedom because my love is unconditional and so is your freedom. You came from a higher place and have that knowledge, yet you chose to start over and work from the bottom. You courage is absolutely amazing and is worthy of my consideration.

   The unworthiness that you have been taught by so called enlightened people is false. You came from worthiness, you can be nothing else. You have chosen to experience this feeling from freedom of choice. You do not have to accept it. You are being exploited by those you trust the most, those that have their own agendas. But even those that would exploit you are worthy, they have purpose. You cannot be exploited unless at some level of you consciousness you choose to be. These people cannot cause you to be exploited or feel unworthy; they can only bring you the opportunity.

   You are much greater than you choose to be. You have more power at your whim than you could ever imagine. The chains that are binding you are made of paper, yet you choose to believe that they are real. It is all in your mind, your wonderful mind that creates all of your circumstances.

   You are the most worthy of all that I have created. You are me in physical form. You are an aspect of myself, and you are life manifesting in physical form. That is what I am, I am life, and we are one in the same. I can only watch in acceptance at what you are doing, and I cannot interfere with your freedom to live out this fantasy that you have.

   I will tell you this through this writer that you do not have to live this way, yet you will not believe these words. It is only when you have burned enough times in hell (another illusion) that you will finally decide that this belief that you harbour does not work for you any longer. It is a matter of maturity that you can accept the obvious. If you say that you want to live in grace, peace and harmony with each other and the environment and you are not, then there must be something about your thinking or beliefs that are in error. This must be obvious to you before you can make a different choice.

   When you go to your churches and the one that leads you in prayer starts off by saying "Lord we are so unworthy," and you feel sick to your stomach from the words, let that be a sign for you that it is time to move on, that you have moved further along.

   I am not your parent, nor are you my children. You are me, and I am you experiencing myself through you. You do not need permission to "be," nor do you need permission to feel good about yourself. You are perfect the way that you are, because that is how I created you. You cannot be any less than I have made you. But I have also given you the freedom to believe otherwise, in that, all is the way it was meant to be.

   And you are not lost, you cannot be, there is no where for you to go and I am not lost. You cannot look ahead to the future while your head is bowed looking at your feet. I do not need to be reminded of how great I am. I am looking at you and I can see the perfection. Look ahead, and never bow your head to me or anyone else. If you see the Buddha in the street, run from him, for he is a false Buddha. God is in all of you, God is who you are. Think less of another and you think less of me and yourself because we are one, there is no separation. God is not a person, it is life itself, and you are living testimony of my existence. I do not exist outside of you.

   You cannot find me while you are looking away from yourself to find me. You cannot be "me," until you are ready to declare that you are me. You cannot even be with me, unless you know yourself as me, because I am pure, I am life, and I am all that there is. And you will not know that until you have declared it.

   Once you have lived out all your fancies, once you have played out all the probabilities you will still not know me any better, if you do not know me now. Life and all its circumstance will always bring you back to this point.

   With this knowledge, you will still live and create your circumstances, because that is what you do. But you will do it with grace and peace of mind. You will make different kinds of choices within the context of this acceptance. All of life strives to a higher level of awareness or existence; with the knowledge of self you will begin to live up to its worthiness.

   This is your mission statement. Know who you are, and you will always make the correct choices which best demonstrates that worthiness.

   Know yourself as God and you will start acting as God. Know yourself as the Devil and you will be one. Know yourself as less than either and you will find yourself struggling to find yourself, unworthy to be either one.

   The next time you hear "Lord we are so unworthy," get up from your seat and walk out. If you are content to be unworthy, then you are in the correct time and space. Know yourself as something better and you will experience something better.

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