ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Greenhouse Kids



Over the last fifty years our kids have been processed, packaged and raised in closed environments, in controlled environments that are unhealthy.  

    What does this mean for a new generation of thinkers? The underlying message that can only be learned from this experience is that the world is not a safe place to work or play in. In North America nine out of ten breaths taken by anyone of us or our children will be taken indoors.

    What is called the cocooning effect is a demonstrated tendency to live indoors. Over the last twenty or more years "home improvements," have increased dramatically and families are re-mortgaging their homes to add patios, saunas, hot tubs, family theatres and game rooms. New emphasis is on keeping the family at home and most alarmingly in the house.

   The most shocking thing to come to light is that by doing so we are slowly killing ourselves. Our priorities are distorted and we are reacting from fear and ignorance.

   In our zeal to fill our houses with things, we are exposing family to a slow death from the home environment and the processing that is going on in our homes.

   For instance in an effort to save a little money on our heating bills we hermetically seal our houses, so that we can no longer breath in them. The air in our homes is 20-70 times more polluted than the air outside. Because there is very little fresh air coming in, we are slowly suffocating. For every breath that we take, we exhale carbon dioxide and that mixes with the air to degrade it. As part of the human function, we all fart (couldnít resist this one), not only ourselves but all the members of the family, including our pets. That is a lot of methane pumped into the house each day, with no escape, and we havenít even talked about chemicals. A typical household in North America will deposit about forty pounds of dead skin in the house every year and that is what we are putting into our lungs, it is what we breathe.

   For every one ounce of dead skin there will be around five or six million dust mites in it, some alive and some dead along with their faeces and the bacteria produced by them. This situation is worse than smoking. A smoker will get several minutes of air between cigarettes into their lungs if they are outside. In your home you take a lung full of stale air every second or so, and it is filled with your homes pollution.

   Even though you may think your home is clean, it is the things that you cannot see that will cause the most harm. In North America, respiratory issues are at epidemic levels, especially with children. As a Home Air Quality Inspector I am faced with these issues every day.

   There are precious few that are willing to spend what it takes to clean up their homes. Priorities are reversed as the things in the home have greater precedence than health issues. Good furniture, big screen TVís, computers, nice cars, expensive clothing, dining out, all have priority over the very small amount of money needed to insure that the family members will be alive or healthy enough to enjoy the expensive toys and activities.

   Those that are concerned for their familyís health seldom will spend what it takes to insure that good quality air comes into the home. In my experience they prioritize what they will spend on health and it is a very low priority. Many of the people I deal with will make only small token gestures to have their homes upgraded, spending less than twelve or thirteen percent of what it would take to correct the problem. Once again putting money into this issue is a low priority and is often done begrudgingly to appease a guilty conscience.

   I believe that more value is placed on the appearance of doing something positive rather than on the quality of the actual results. In my experience, going low-cost, makes things worst. There is no partial way of cleaning a ducting system, it must all be cleaned, and once you disturb the dust it makes things worse. There is a plethora of businesses out there that are willing to do half a job and take advantage of oneís ignorance, and there are even more people willing to pay for it, because it fits into the cost they have prioritized for health issues. I can only smile at their decisions; I think free choice is wonderful. It clearly demonstrates physically a thought process that is born of ignorance about who and what we are, and what value we place on our lives.

   Radiant heated homes have no air circulation and rooms get very stale. All homes must be vented, old air must be removed and new air brought it.

   These are major health issues that are for the most part ignored. In my experience it seems that the ones the can afford to pay for good health measures are the ones that put it at a very low priority. Houses can be mortgaged, cars are bought on time, and furniture is paid for on credit cards. Stature and cosmetics take precedence over good health that would keep one in a position to enjoy them longer.

   Status symbols over good health are very important so that we can die with dignity with our toys around us.

   For the one that is making the decision it is usually always about "me," with little regard for the rest of the family. Seldom do I hear a partner asking the other if they want to take the risk of poor health and children are never involved in the discussion. It is always a personal decision, assuming that what is good for the one makes it is OK for all. The decision not to take steps is a selfish decision not a selfless one.

   What I most often get is "no one in the house is sick or has problems yet!" So what are they waiting for? When one gets asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, is that the time to take measures. It is the same reasoning that smokers have; cancer always happens to the other person, it wonít happen to me. Medication for respiratory problems costs thousands of dollars a year to keep up, many times more than what it would have cost to prevent them. Still it is not a priority for most; it is at the bottom of the list.

   Most all of us have missed the connection with the one symbolic physical action that we do that clearly demonstrates the bodyís own awareness of its environment.

   We all have windows that open, WHY?

   Mental development and spiritual security are also processed in the home. They are also part of the Greenhouse process. Our awareness of the world community and affairs are being brought to us in our packaged homes. We are learning about the world while not being in it, but by being separated from it. The information that we receive often is distorted or down right lies.

   We are packaging the awareness that is brought to our children in nice little neat bundles of what is good or bad, right or wrong, or what works or does not work. We expect our children to accept these principles or beliefs without critical thinking. We bring the children into our lives and then neatly process them into a finished product that has no soul, alienated from spirit, raised on drugs and fortified food in a greenhouse that was never meant to sustain live or be life affirming. It is the common thought that everything that is "bad," happens out there, or to someone else. It is out there that is bad, and we deny the lie that it is in here that is even worse.

   When it doesnít work out, we send them to new Greenhouses for reprocessing, institutions that are no better than what they just come out of.

   Humanity is connected at some level of consciousness. Human kind was never meant to be segregated or isolated from each other. Interaction between humans is essential for personal growth and that must be close interaction, hands-on communication, touching, feeling, loving, sharing, crying together, praying together, working together, playing together and fighting together.

   As we process and package our children we alienate them from the environment and build new cultures and subcultures that can only look out of the windows at each other and wonder who they are.

   Life itself pondered what it was until it found a way to experience itself in the physical realm. Life is a process that best works out of the box (Greenhouse).

   There is nothing right or wrong about the way we live, it simply is a physical expression of a thought process. We are not victims of our circumstances; we are creating them, personally and en masse with everyone else.

   I am not trying to make any judgements here; I am observing that this is the way it is in my experience of this world. Humanity has absolute freedom to create all that it desires and wishes to experience and I cherish that freedom, it is the highest expression of unconditional love.

   These symbols mean different things to many people, and we will not agree on them, that is also free choice. When we finally reach the awareness that what we are doing is no longer working for us, we must know that we created it all and that we have the sole and absolute power to change it. Help is not out there somewhere. The power is within us, individually to change. When we feel the connection to others we will change together with them for the benefit of all.

   There is a conclusion to raising Greenhouse kids, when we reach that awareness things will change once again as part of a collective consciousness.

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