ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Travelling Slower Than The Speed of Thought



On the way into breakfast this morning, my mind was occupied with what I would write in Roy Bits, and as I neared the turn off to my favourite restaurant, I missed the turn. I had to drive a further mile down the road and turn around.

   This is Sunday and it is the day that I set aside to do nothing other than have my site ready to upload this evening. It is a full dayís project as I usually write my own articles or essays the same day. I donít like to be rushed when I am writing or proof reading the articles of others.

   Ironically, I was procrastinating in bed this morning, thinking about up-coming additions to the site that I am currently working on. As I was thinking about them, I felt myself becoming anxious and my head was starting to shift into high gear as other ideas came to my attention. It did get me out of bed. My anxiety level started to rise. I was beginning to hurry to get things done and get my morning over with so that I could finish and relax. I was thinking "So many things, so little time."

   It is nine A.M. and this is as far as I have gone with the article, while eating breakfast. Iím still not into what I am doing at this moment, as my mind is wrestling with new ideas and things that I have to do during the day.

   I love writing these articles as they usually come to me automatically without a lot of conscious thought. I read them for the first time when I go to proof read the final draft before upload. This writing is a joyful event for me, it is enlightening (I learn something new from each one of them), and satisfying.

   I find myself experiencing anything but those things right now. I have created anxiety, obligation, burden and fear. Now I feel like tossing it all out, and taking the day off.

   My root thought must have been that I wanted time off. Because I see myself as responsible and always in the correct place at the correct time; I am thinking that I am creating these things in my head to overwhelm myself enough that I will either take the day off and procrastinate long enough that I will have to push myself a little harder.

   It is the subconscious mind and the conscious mind (ego) doing a dance, each wanting to lead. The emotions that are coming up are symbols of awareness, and they are telling me something. While this dance is going on I have also managed to detach myself enough that I am sitting in the position of the wall-flower and I can see whatís going on. This is a great place to be in, and I am getting really good at it. From this lofty position of the silent observer I can witness the dance and laugh at the clumsy steps that I am taking.

   I am starting to slow down and the path is becoming clearer than it was when I started this essay.

   There is no one telling me I have to do anything. All things will level off, and life will continue without me. I will prioritize everything, and it is time for a time out. On the way home, I am going to stop at Winners and look through all those funky weird things they sell. It is a half hour diversion that will bring focus back into my day. If I only do one thing well today and enjoy it, it will be rewarding and beneficial to me and others that will be affected.

   Life moves in spite of me, and it keeps going whether I have my articles or my site ready today.

   As an industrialized society we are moving at a very quick pace, and it is for a reason. We are doing it en masse and for a purpose. It is not being put upon us, but created by our collective consciousness. We are creating chaos that precedes a change.

   A person that realizes he/she is lost in the wilderness may initially start to panic if they do not see their way out quickly. They will start moving or running in any direction until they become exhausted or have hurt themselves. At some point if they are still alive they will stop and rest or throw themselves down to the ground in desperation or frustration. They will force themselves to stop and take notice. In this extreme circumstance it doesnít take long to realize that something is not working. At this point one may give up or gain enough composure to start to reason their way out of the situation, regroup and start over in a more controlled effort. It is a cycle that may repeat itself many times until a goal has been achieved or one is rescued.

   The whole point is that if we donít have a direction in mind we will scramble and rush to find one. If we do not keep our goal in site we will go through all the cycles repeatedly until we find ourselves free or are rescued. The experience will strengthen us, move us forward or cause us to find a familiar or safe haven, sealed in a box.

   Humanity is in a phase of rushing to find direction and has lost its focus. It is not about getting anywhere or accomplishing anything, it is simply about survival on a super freeway with no focus or direction in mind. We are missing the brake pedal and the rest stops, we have missed the turn-offs.

   We are moving faster than our ability to consciously keep up the pace and the changes. We can not absorb or comprehend what we are doing and where we are going. The needs of life have not changed, nor has human emotion and feeling. Life is becoming a blur and we are not attending to the needs of the physical mind and body.

   All things and actions have purpose, we create them, and they are symbols of a thought process in action. The speed is a conscious effort to create something. The missing out on the needs of life or enjoyment of it is a message that something is not working and that there is a need for change. Our present actions are the work of a sophisticated system that is creating change and it is accelerating.

   It is self evident from our history that man does not move this quickly. We have only moved from horse and buggy to computers and space travel in the last one hundred years. It is not reasonable to consider that man suddenly got this incredible boost of evolution in such a short period of time, he just doesnít move this quickly. Humanity doesnít move exponentially to these levels of development, without moving past its ability to absorb the implications and consequences of doing so.

   There are still huge disparities between the developed and undeveloped peoples of the world. Even in the industrialized nations, people are struggling to keep up with the technology. In legend, myth or history the message has been passed down to us, "this does not work." Technology should be created to enhance the basic needs of humanity not separate us from it and each other, and eventually destroy us. The speed that we are moving is not a good sign of something that is going to work for us, but that of something that we will no longer be able to effectively deal with.

   It seems almost unnatural that we should have this technology available to us at our present level of awareness. It is almost as though it has been handed to us, and I am not at all sure that this technology belongs to us. I have not been comfortably able to ascertain that there is something positive for are present culture in it. The technology is the white frosted cake and we have become the fly on it. It leaves one cold and alone, lost with no direction and alienated from all that represents and fosters life as we have known it.

   This is not a call to traditionalist thinking or revival; after all it was that thinking that brought us to this place that we are now experiencing. Why would we go back only to end up in the same place? That is insanity. It is simply a wake-up call, an observation that is not that difficult to recognize. We are leaving the signs and warnings, we are not happy, we are struggling and we are even more separated from each other. It is time to regroup and create new priorities. It is time to embrace life affirming technologies that are made up of the basic human needs and emotions. Technology needs human signatures incorporated into them to make them beneficial to humans.

   Communications between peoples have brought wants with them and industry has moved to satisfy those wants. It has also brought an awareness of each other on a conscious level that we have always known on a subconscious level. We are not alone, and the actions of one, affects all others. The left hand is permanently connected to the right through the common body and they work together and in harmony to accomplish a common goal. The one does not have to wait for the other to move, but needs its cooperation to complete. The right foot or the left may begin the trip, but they must work together to get anywhere, they cannot start together.

   I started this essay without direction and it has brought me here. I started it in the restaurant at breakfast. It is now the middle of the afternoon and I have finished. I have had to make several stops along the way, and I slowed down long enough to complete and leave time for other things. Normally I would have had this done before breakfast. About half way through I could feel where it was going and the good feelings came back.

   Technology in itself is neither good nor back. It is our thought about it that makes it one way or the other, but technology should work for us, not against us. Humanity created the hammer and it learned how to use it within its capacity to deal with it, but still from time to time it hits itself over the head trying to accomplish something that does not require a hammer. He has also used that technology to kill himself and turned it into a weapon, so humankind keeps turning his technology into weapons. She creates the technology then leaves warning signs posted, that says it isnít working, is it insanityÖ or kids playing with matches?? Humanity is running around in circles chasing the proverbial tail without direction, but it is nothing more than a sign to slow down. Take a look at what it has created so far. Is it working or is it not working, is it time to take a new direction.

   All technology must be life affirming and work in the best interests of all. Technology is manmade, it needs the thoughts of man in order to be manifested, and we need not be victims of it. Governments, scientists, institutions, do not create technology, humanity does. If there is no desire for it, then there is not desire to create it. It is within the power of each and everyone of us to create it or not.

   There is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to step back and have a look at the direction of humanity, not in an effort to attach blame, point fingers or have endless discussions about it, but to change what we are doing and move somewhere else. You are not a victim of circumstances, you are creating them. It is not the other, but you. Accept the responsibility for what is happening and you also accept the power to change it. No one is going to change it for you, it is you.

   When will you start, now, tomorrow, when you see someone else taking the first step, when will you take responsibility? You are a God, this is your creationÖ are you happy with what you have created? Listen to yourself as you contemplate the last sentence, who are you blaming it all on? You now know the "Great Secret," to the wows of the world. Step back and take the position of the silent observer. See how you fit in, as a victim or a doer. How do you really see yourself? See how many reasons you can come up with or will you just turn away.

   Please know this; it is OK to be here now in this circumstance if it is what you want to experience. Then you are acting appropriately, you are being honest with your soul or spirit. You should not feel guilty for being honest with yourself and your position. You should never be motivated by guilt, but from a sincere desire to demonstrate who you are. Your physical life will always demonstrate how you see yourself in this lifetime; in this manner you cannot fool anyone or yourself.

   People do not act inappropriately considering his/her model of the world and how he sees himself in relation to it. But if it is not the way you have envisioned it, then you are acting in an insane manner. You are still hitting yourself over the head with the same hammer and expecting things to change.

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