ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Recognizing The Gift Horse


The last few days have been a very upsetting week for me as once again I discovered how I manifest the circumstances of my life on autopilot. For the story please read this week's "channeled message at:CLICK HERE!

   All of us manifest or create our lifeís story. We are not a victim of circumstance. We write, direct and play all the parts. It is not physically possible for us to orchestrate the process. Our physical brain cannot handle all the processes that would be involved. We therefore rely on our connection to the source to create what our mind can only conceive.

   For the last five years I have spent most of my waking time learning how the system works. It is my nature to take things apart and see how they function. It has been now become my lifeís work to find out how manifesting works and to be able to use it on demand. I believe that once it is known how manifesting works, one would be able to create on demand with full consciousness.

   Over the years I have been able to witness my own abilities and there has been a marked improvement over how I interact with the process. The speed at which I receive results has increased substantially. The one thing I have come to understand is that it is not necessary to control how things are manifested but simple know that they will be.

   A simple thought starts the process, followed by the word or command and the result is the deed or physical manifestation of the thought. All too often I find myself getting involved with the mechanics of the process and becoming very frustrated with poor results and at those times I have to back off.

   The failure to receive what I desire comes from my own interference in the workings of the process. Please click on the following link for a short story on how we sabotage our requests for creation; itís called "Sending Faxes to God inc." CLICK HERE!

   Ego believes that it is powerful and it needs to know that it is in control. Ego fears for its own survival and does not like to let go for even a nanosecond. Even with this information I often struggle with a temporary inability to detach myself and let it all happen. It is not always in my awareness and it shows up as a circumstance in which I believe I am simply a victim. Once I get past the anger I can look back from hindsight and laugh at myself. It also helps to know that things happen in time and place for good reasons; one must be ready to receive before the gift is beneficial.

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