ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


A Gift From Beau



I receive many comments and emails during the course of each month, most all of them are very encouraging and written from the heart. They acknowledge the service I am providing to those that are ready to move further along their chosen path. I receive every once and awhile a special email or comment that reflects what I am attempting to do. I wanted to share this one with you; it came from my guest book this week.

Thank you-- you helped me on this day-was feeling sorry for myself because I didn't think I was special to anyone for any reason- which saddened me very much. I realize now that I am special-I need not prove it.


   I cherish these kinds of comments because they are totally reflective of what my site is about. It is my desire to empower that one person that will change our lives for the better. It is my purpose to bring your power to the surface. To bring awareness into your life so that you may use that power in creating all that you desire into your life.

   I read this comment several times before I realized the special gift that this person had brought to me. This comment was written by Beau expressing her new awareness. What I received from it was a message written by Roy to Roy that says I am special and I do not need to prove it.

   I am so grateful to Beau, and acknowledge her wonderful gift to me.

   I write things, often believing that I am sending them outward to you. They are repeatedly reflected back where they are needed the most.

   We are all one and intimately connected at some level of consciousness. Beau is me in another form in time and place reminding me that I am special and I donít need to prove it. Beau has empowered me to believe that. She is a special angel that I brought into my awareness when I needed it the most.

   The wonder of empowerment and awareness is brought into your life everyday when you leave the door open for it. What you seek to learn you bring into your life by teaching it. I sent this message out and Beau sent it back, my door was open and I was reminded.

   I helped Beau, but I really helped myself. The power that you hold within you is awesome. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot do if you open your mind to the probabilities of doing it. This is not just a line of BS; it is observable as I have demonstrated. It should always be observable, or what is the use of it. Do not ever blind yourself to what is in front of you, and never look for it. It will reveal itself at the correct time and place.

   Notice the little things first before the big ones make themselves known to you. Change is in your life every day and is observable. Stand back from yourself and simply notice it, but do not force it.

   Holistic awareness acknowledges any change in any one part of the body will reflect on the whole body. A cause put forth by myself affected the whole body and was brought back to me, cause and effect or Karma was observable. There are no strangers, just an infinite number of individuals existing in the one body that is connected to all. I can not snub my toe without the whole body being affected by it. Beau acknowledged another part of her self and was affected by that awareness. All of us are special as individuals in an ongoing line of communication with each other.

   No one is more or less important that the other, in this regard we are perfect in our position along the path as in a water line, where the bucket is passed from one to another. The first bucked is as just as significant as the last and everyone in between.

   Your survival is guaranteed for as long as you choose to experience it. When you deny your own uniqueness, you deny all others as well. Acceptance of who you are now, and your right to be who you are, gives passage to your next step in this world and the next.

   Know yourself as perfect and you will move towards perfection. You are in control, you are the captain and this is your ship. If you believe that you are not, it is because you have given up your power voluntarily. No one can take from you without your consent at some level of your consciousness.

   Beau has claimed her right to be special. There is nothing more she has to do with that awareness consciously. Awareness will bring its own change. She is not the same person she was when she wrote that email and she can never go back. She doesnít have to prove anything. You can not prove something that you already know yourself to be. Knowing knows and proving is always proving they can never be the same. You can never prove something that you know.

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