ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Getting Past the God Crap

Living in a heavenly cloud of God do-do, or religious terminology has a certain benefit to some people. It is often a place for some to hide and an escape for those who donít understand it anyway. It is a lofty cloud of worn out Christian phrases that are a major turn-off for real people as they wade through the real world knee deep in horse do-do and everyday living. It often separates ordinary people from church and or religion, and for many it is simply nauseating. On the other hand, there are those that relate to God in abstract terms, and the language and the symbols have great meaning to them, there is nothing wrong with that, if it works for them. Some of that stuff, can be very beautiful and uplifting. Too much of it, in my opinion, can be like too much desert or sex, sometimes you just have to push yourself away from the table in order to get a better perspective.

   I have personally struggled with many of the terms, and today still have trouble saying the word God, because of the many nuances connected with the word. Language is the greatest barrier in bringing people back to themselves. When I tell people what I do, I say that I am a writer, and I have written several books. Their faces light up immediately, as if in the presence of a possible celebrity. Then they almost always ask me what I write about. When I say that I write about New Age or New Thought Wisdom, they sometimes stare back at me with a bank look. I explain that it is about spirituality, and they quickly change the subject. The damage by that time has already been done. Some of them will reply oh that Jesus crap "huh?" Even if they are polite enough to let me explain the difference between religion and spirituality, the conversation has become confrontational.

   Language has separated man from man, and man from God for centuries. How can I get a message to you if I speak German and you understand French? Christianity is speaking a language that more often brings them to the point of vomiting. "Look to the Heavens and Knoweth that thy father loveth his lost children," YUK! Surely there must be another way of expressing this great message that does not insult the intelligence of those that have to live in the real world. We also know that we cannot trust those who woudst translate it for us, because they often have a hidden agenda. Come on, we have jobs, a life to live, we donít have time for this, isnít it about time somebody got their head out of their butt and started talking real. During my youth and early adulthood, I had to suffer through listening to this stuff and it turned me away from the church and church goers.

   In the last few years I have had to go through it all over again as I struggled to reach a higher level of understanding myself spiritually, and my connection with Christians and none Christians alike. As progressive as New Age and New Thought wisdom is., there is still a tendency to use outdated and lofty language, that does little to bring understanding to either the listener or the speaker. For what purpose does one hide behind such language, it is more for ego than anything else. The language remains shrouded in mystery and takes the responsibility away from the speaker to have to explain it. After all who woudst challenge a person that douth talketh so?

   Spirituality speaking, people understand their connection to the creator, and have great difficulty wading through the barnyard stuff, to get to it. As I write this I can hear echoes of "Yes," "right on," ringing through my head. Know this, you must get past the language, learn to deal with it, have tolerance for those that insult your sensibilities, do not be afraid to express yourself, in your own language. You have a right to know what "God people," are talking about. Donít let them off the hook because they can speak the language, yet not be able to speak it in earth language. Find yourself another name for God. There are like a billion of them now. God, he/she has no preference. The language, nor the name was sanctioned by the creator, but comes from the minds of men, who have done a miserable job of modernizing it. We are not all history junkies, some of us would love to move on. We donít need lessons in God language.

   Know this, you will never be punished by your God, he will Ďparty,í in the knowledge that you have become aware of your connection to him/her. It is very unlikely that meaningful changes will come from organized religion as to modernizing the language, churches are chained to tradition and ritual. It is up to the new generation to build a culture of spiritualism that is progressive and changes with each generation. Life is about change, so is true spiritualism. God ainít heavy, heís your brother, heís your bud, heís ready to hang with you any time. Talk to him in you language, your terminology. Get off your knees, separate you hands and get real. Talk to him, he is real, he is as real as you make him/her. He is your peer, not your punisher or parent. Dress him up in your fashion, but do not turn away from him. You will have passed up the greatest experience in your life. There is no other that you can talk to in your own terms and expect to be understood. Know this, you do not have to walk around with your head in a cloud or pray on bended knees, light candles or listen to weird music. If it is authenticity that you are looking for, then be authentic, be real, be creative. Hang loose and learn to love the one youíre always with, and know that you will be loved. There are no conditions, unless your create them yourself.

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