ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter



What is it that motivates people to do things? Why does man do harm to another in one circumstance and give unselfishly in another moment? What is the root cause for him/her doing anything for that matter.

   Always, always, always, man is motivated by selfishness. Man motivates himself, for self, never for another at any level of consciousness, because in truth there is no other. Man is self motivated, no one else causes him to do anything, for that reason.

   Man does things this way because he sees things in his own best light. He gives because he sees himself as a giver in moment of giving, and this satisfies the image he has of a giver. He cares for another because he sees himself as compassionate and the caring satisfies that image.

   Mankind is completely centered around selfishness. There is no one that does not act out of it. Man kills because he sees killing as working in his best interest, for protection or personal gain. Man cheats, lies and hurts all for personal interests.

   Man uses man because on a deep spiritual level he understands the connection. Man can never do harm to another, cheat another or give to another, without cheating, harming or giving to self. There is not such thing as an innocent victim. Man cooperates with man at a subconscious level. Man always does to another as he would do to himself. Man feeds on man, he consumes himself.

   It is only within the illusion of individuality that he sees a difference. It is only because he buys into the illusion of separation that he can do these things to himself. He does not feel the pain consciously of biting into his own body. There is only one consciousness in the universe, and this is of the creator. Man is the creator and the created. He is the hunter and the hunted. He is both the lover and the beloved.

   Men of higher awareness understand this and live in peace within the illusion of their existence. This awareness allows man kind to be more gentle with himself, because he knows he is interacting with himself.

   A highly evolved person knows that she only loves herself, only does harm to herself. And once the illusion is over, she will find only herself. She will understand the connection and the relationship between the illusion and her true reality. She will understand what she is capable of doing to herself. At that point she will know whether she is ready to interact with another, should there be such an existence or individuality that is separate from her.

   Is there another existence apart from this oneness? Is the physical world a test or experiment, a measure of our readiness to interact with another realm? Is this earth a staging area where man can interact with himself, causing only harm to himself, until he is ready to move on to the next level?

   Surely there is much more to a simple existence in this bottle. Man/creator is experiencing himself in a safe environment in preparation for something much greater. Every level of enlightenment leads him further. Every question asked leads to another unanswered. This life leads to another and another. The purity that is life itself must lead away from itself before it can return to itself and know itself as pure.

   That awareness gives it the impetus to move onto another existence.

   When man remembers who he is, he will not harm himself, he will know himself as the creator. He will have explored all that he is and is not. He will be ready. Man must do to himself what he can not do to another. Mankind can not move on until he knows this truth. This is practical spirituality, this is spirituality in motion. This is understanding of the highest self.

   I can give you answers, but I can not give you the truth. The truth lies between the answers, and that will be your truth, not mine. When you understand your truth, you will be able to move forward and declare yourself "I am." I am ready, I am that "I am." I am, creator. You will know that you are back where you started.

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