ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Why Do I Bother


At this point in my experience of my own spiritual awareness. I ask myself many times, why? Why do I want to write about it? What does it matter, and am I interfering with the natural progress of man's evolution. Is the joke on me, have I fooled myself into believing an importance that doesn't seem to matter at times. Have I invested so much time, effort and money into my books, articles and website, that I can no longer afford to walk away from it? Is it just the ego placing too much importance on itself? Even in the light of my own awareness and awakening, I do not see everything. I think maybe, I may be somewhat pre-mature in making my views public. Then when is a good time to start, before or after I've learned it all, and is that possible? The more I learn, the more it doesn't seem to matter. Every avenue that I travel comes back to the starting position. If it is all circular, what's the point of travelling it anyway. I will always get back to my beginning.

   If it is true that there is no such thing as time and space, then I have nothing to do and not place to go. The best that I can do then is to make things as complicated as possible, so that I can not see whether I'm in the box or outside of it. Awareness, just brings awareness that awareness doesn't really matter. Everything is and it isn't. What matters, doesn't matter. The simpler I try to make things, the more complicated it gets. The simple things just seem to difficult to comprehend. Life is simple, you live and your die, everything in between is a deliberate attempt to make things more difficult beyond comprehension. So after all these years of study, it would seem that I have gone full circle, yet the circle doesn't really exist. Awareness has allowed me to become the silent observer of a life that doesn't go anywhere. There is more, much more, but it would seem at times that I am the puppy chasing my own tail. It might be fun for awhile and maybe even amusing. Does it ever get serious? If I catch my tail, what then? Is it enough to run around in circles chasing the truth for a lifetime? Having awakened out of my coma, then what?

   Spirituality offers no answers, just awareness that there are only more questions, and that I am the one that is both asking the questions and answering them.

   I asked Joseth (my term for God), why? He gave me his answer in today's CHANNELED MESSAGE. Please click on that page to see what his answer was.

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