ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Why Does The Sun Go On Shining (Channelled)



Good Morning Roy, good morning Joseth.

   Why does the sun go on shining, why do these eyes of mine cry. Donít they know itís the end of the world. It ended when you said goodbye.

   These are words to a song. It is about one who has lost her love and canít understand why the rest of the world is still functioning, while she is in such pain.

   Life always moves forward, with or without our conscious co-operation. When our world ends as in a personal lose, itís hard to imagine that there are people out there, totally oblivious to our pain. What we donít realize at that time, is that we are feeling life intensely. It is during a personal lose that we are more aware of ourselves, than at any other time. Itís a drama that has us focused on ourselves and our immediate needs. Lose, drives us immediately towards seeking more love, the greater our lose, the more we seek love and life. We look for reasons to live, to stay in this world, to hang on. We ask ourselves, why should I go on? We are drawn closer and closer to self love.

   If we donít find it, then we donít find a reason to go on. Those that have love, for self, know that the intense feeling of lose will pass, and it is just a matter of time.

   These feelings are pure and are very focused and intense, they are uncomfortable and we are not used to experiencing feelings so intensely. We have not felt this way since we were infants. Over the years we dull our senses, feelings. We settle for a balance, between ecstasy and grief.

   Some of us are caught up in the drama of our own circumstances and are addicted to the extreme emotions that accompany them. We bring circumstances into our lives that force these feelings out, because normally we feel void of feeling, we do not feel alive. We become addicted to the drama. Life for these people, is always intense, itís a constant roller coaster ride that has numerous intense ups and downs.

   If you have ever been drown into a relationship with such a person you become overwhelmed with their intensity. There is a lot of energy around them.

   Any kind of addiction is de-habilitating and does not allow the freedom you were born to experience. Dependency on drama is no less an addiction than alcohol is. Life can be intense when lived fully, but always it moves towards love, not self abuse. It is not overwhelming, but manageable. It encompasses growth, self awareness, community and affirmative action. In this state one embraces life, and creates it.

   We recognize the rights of others to live in the same awareness and support it. Life is in relationship, to our environment and others. Relationships create life, that is what they are for, they are life affirming.

   Life creates life, it doesnít just happen. It is first thought of, then brought into beingness. New life is often brought into a dead relationship to try and resurrect it. Sometimes it works when the participantís awareness is raised. The new life affirms the old one and sponsors new growth, but often times the life is drained and the new creation, slowly dies. Life without awareness is not life, itís a poor attempt at it. When we acknowledge the life in others we affirm our own.

   We were born to create, that is our nature, its our purpose. The inspiring weed that grows in a crack in the pavement on a busy street, keeps trying, it doesnít question life. It sees only the opportunity for growth. While the sun goes on shining, it is a gift, a blessing, a reminder that life goes on. It makes itself available to you, in your consciousness to start living again, by shining on you, by lighting up your life so that you can see the possibilities.

   In the light of day you can see the life around you, and your eyes will be filled with tears of gratitude and love. Love does not die in the ending of a relationship or even death. It is transformed into something new and life affirming. The end of a relationship is the beginning of another, that offers greater opportunities. The sun goes on shining, simply because that is what it does. Life continues under it.

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