ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Sex, Gay, Lesbian and Other Deviates

The body is the vehicle of the soul. They body was designed specifically for the physical world. Through history, the soul developed several versions of mankind, from half man, half animal types to cave man and contemporary man. The body functions perfectly for the requirements of the physical world.

   Man was given free will, and made aware of the functions of the body, and the freedom to choose to use or abuse it in anyway he saw fit.

   Animals are regulated by instinct and influenced by close association with man. The sexual functions of animals are controlled, because they do not have the higher reasoning capabilities to make choices.

   Mans purpose in the physical world, is to experience all aspects of himself, physically. To create and recreate himself in every possible way, including his sexuality. Man did not have to be lead down the sexual path, it came naturally, and so did the experimentation. Man sought only one thing, and that was gratification. He found it in as many ways as he was able to conceive of. Mans sexual acts are probably the only real thing that he has not been able to control.

   The creator did not limit manís actions in any way. The creator acting from unconditional love, sanctions anything that man can come up with. It is man the places moral codes and restrictions on sexual activity.

   It is only within the levels of higher functioning that man can determine whether his choices work for him or not. If any sexual deviation fails to bring the results that her or she desires, it would be simply insanity to continue on with it. Man can figure that one out for himself. Moral judgments about his own sexuality are put upon him by himself, God makes no such judgment. Sexual experimentation by man or woman, is one of those guarantees of freedom, that comes from unconditional love.

   By nature, there should be no restrictions or judgments made by another toward the one exercising his freedom, save for the realization that the act is not working for him within the social confines that he finds himself. In the truest sense, their can never be a sex crime against another. That would be to assume that there is an innocent victim. It would be impossible to do something against another without his or her consent at some level. That is well understood by those of higher understanding and awareness. The freedom to explore all of humanity is the grandest freedom that we can imagine.

   Sexual freedom is assured by the creator, or it would not be able to be experienced by design. Part of the sexual freedom of man, is his freedom to choose what he can except, as appropriate in his society. We have created certain laws and rules that confine or take away from our sexual freedom. We assume that we know better than the creator what the body was designed for.

   In western society most of us agree that rape, sex with children should not be allowed for instance. These acts go against the image we have of our position in a so called enlightened society. Therefore they simple do not work for us and we create a crime around the acts. It doesnít make the acts "wrong," wrong is simple a moral judgment, it is the intent of the acts that do not work in our society.

   The measure of any society can be observed by how few rules they have to restrict its members. Highly evolved persons, simply do not do what does not work in their society, they donít need to make rules or punishments.

   A highly evolved society would not restrict itís members sexual activity. Sexual freedom can never be controlled. Condemnation comes only after the act, and the individual must be segregated from other members in order to control his/her activity. This goes against the prime directive, that we shall have absolute freedom to do as we choose. This goes against the very purpose of why we are here. We were guaranteed before birth, to experience our sexuality anyway we see fit.

   Clearly we are not living in a highly developed society, that is free to choose.

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