ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter



Trust is a human term. It is an understanding that says we know that an expected experience or result will happen. Trust is the essential ingredient in healing and manifesting, neither can take place unless we trust that it will.

   If we observe our bodies, we can see how well trust works. Our bodily functions are maintained at a lower level of consciousness, and we put little effort into the process, we trust that it works. We donít think about taking our next breath, we trust that it will happen. We trust that our heart will keep beating. The reason we trust the system to work, is that we put no thought into it. Since birth everything has worked well for us, on autopilot. It has been observable that it is the way itís supposed to be.

   As we grow older and move away from that trust, we begin to interfere with the tranquility of a perfectly operating system.

  Not trusting ourselves, our intuition, is a major obstacle in creating and manifesting the things that we desire. Long ago we gave up our power to others, in exchange for security. These people let us down and we could no longer trust them or ourselves, we had no place to turn to. Religion did not give us what we desired and we began to understand that we could not trust clergy to give us the truth. Our prayers continued to go unanswered and God let us down.

   Fear, can not trust, so we live in fear. Fear says we can not have what we desire. Fear does not allow for the free flow of creation. We trust that we can not create, therefore we do not. Trust must be recreated again in our consciousness. In order to gain trust, we must change our thoughts. It was thought, that took the trust away, only thought can bring in back into our reality. We were born with built in trust. We trusted that our parents would protect and feed us. We trusted their belief systems and who they said we were. In fact we did not even consider ourselves trustworthy or not until our parents told us we werenít. For the first few years of our lives, our whole existence was on auto pilot, being directed by those around us that we trusted.

   Because thought is what creates our environment and the circumstances of our lives, it only makes sense to recreate the trust process within ourselves. We have 100% control of our thoughts. This is the place to start.

   Forgetfulness is the 1st step in creating the trust in ourselves. We must leave our past behind and develop our intuition. As we learn to trust our intuition, we will begin to trust others. Because we now trust ourselves, we know that we will bring into our lives only those that we can trust, because we have created them. As we begin to experience the trust that we had as child, we become aware that it was always there. That is was our thoughts, that caused us to turn away. Life starts to work harmonious for us when our trust levels build up. Confidence is restored, and we can trust that the system works again, because we can observe that it does, and it becomes second nature to us.

   Manifesting what we desire, keeping ourselves healthy can be ongoing, when we trust that it will happen. Begin now to take small steps to bring back the trust you once had. Begin to notice how well things work when you listen to your intuition. Experience the trust in each new step until it becomes automatic and you have to put no thought into it. Remember that in each step you take, it is you that is making it. It is your decision that brings the next one. Trust that you will always take the next best step that works in your best interest. Do not give up your power to anyone, and always take responsibility for it, and it will belong to you, always.

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