ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Illness, Pain and Suffering

I am 55 years old, my sight has changed, and I now use reading glasses. The doctor told me that was normal for a person my age. People around me have joked with me and said youíre getting old. I have had chronic back pain for years. The doctor said as you get older you can expect these things and his x-rays showed nothing. What is it about old age and all this stuff?

   I have had migraines since I started puberty. They are few and far between now. I have at least just about grown out of them. I have had a heart murmur since I was born. There may be other things, Iíve forgotten. From reading this, it may look like Iím a wreck. The thing is I never get sick, seldom do I get a cold, flu or any thing else. I have worked around people all my life and do not pick up their illnesses.

   I made up my mind, years ago, that I do not get sick. The acnes and pains, I have grown used to, sometimes they slow me down, but I can expect that at my age, right?

   We all have something physically that is not perfect. It has been said that a man that is not sick, just hasnít recognized his symptoms yet. If we do not have something physically wrong, then we must look at our mental health. New Age, New Thought wisdom, teaches that any and all sickness is created by ourselves, in our heads. It is an error in the thought process. I did not ask for a sore back, weak eyes, migraines or a heart murmur, yet they have been with me loyally, for years. Is there a trade off for not getting a virus or other chronic illness. Why am I telling myself that I donít get sick and yet I accept these conditions from years back? These abnormalities are created in my mind and carried over in my reality everyday. I have the power to rid myself of them at will, should I not prefer to feel pain at all. It is my memory of past pain or illness that re-creates it in the now moment. Consciousness memory harbours pain.

   Yet I canít remain unconscious and function in the real world or can I? If pain, suffering and sickness is a conscious, remembered occurrence, why not erase it from my memory and voila, I am free. I have searched my most recent history for answers. Some researchers who specialize in trans life regression will tell you that symptoms can be carried over from one incarnation to another. We can remember pain or sickness from another life and re-create the symptoms in our present lifetime. During hypnosis patients have relived a past life and discovered the source or cause of their suffering. Practitioners report that the symptoms disappear once the patient comes back to consciousness.

   Trans life regression has served many in the release of symptoms, where there have been no known physical or mental cause for them in this present history. I tend to agree with some of this new knowledge. I also think much of it has to do with poor maintenance. The caring of the human body is very much over looked. We believe at some level to be indestructible and at another, cause ourselves a lot of suffering. These poor practices are made from choice at some level of our consciousness. The welfare and maintenance of our bodies has been taken for granted. We have allowed, stress and fear to take control of our thought processes and neglected the best interests of the only thing that makes us physical, that is our body. Knowing all this, why then do I still have migraines?

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