ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter



I have all this knowledge, what do I do with it? How can it help me, those around me, or the rest of the world. Knowledge is beneficial, it must be applied into our everyday living. What good is it to know that I can have anything I want if I canít make it work for me on demand.

   Is it the question of egg and chicken? Does spirituality come before living or is spirituality to follow living? Is it something we remember or learn as we go? If we are here to experience and not learn, then we would not remember until we have experienced. If we are here to learn, then someone else must do be doing the teaching. Who is to tell me, what Iíve done in the spiritual context of my actions, all so called learning, it seems to be a process of remembering.

   Guilt is one important element of remembering. When I feel guilty, it is only because I remember something about the incident that happened before, and I remember the consequences or punishments that I received for it. This is part of moving from the lower stages of creature hood that have a natural built-in sense of guilt, guides them instinctively, to a higher level of consciousness.

   This allows man free choice to change or avoid the actions that bring the guilt. Guilt is a tool itís an important part of our freedom. In nature there is a natural consequence for transgressing one of the laws of nature. Consequence and punishment are not the same. Natural laws have consequences. Man made laws have punishments. Man distorted the feeling of guilt and added the element of punishment. It wasnít enough that we may have polluted a drinking hole and would go thirsty, now we would be punished for it. The next time you entertained a similar notion, guilt would perhaps prevail. You would remember your punishment, and choose not the consequences, and you would not take the same action. Punishment is not necessary in nature, guilt was put there to remind us of logical consequences of our actions. It is natural for mankind to do things because it benefits, him to do so at some level of his consciousness. A person tuned into his natural tendencies, would never make the same transgressions, because it would not be of benefit to him. The guilt is simply there to remind him of that fact.

   Guilt is an everyday tool, a natural element of a spiritual being, which we all are. Man has forgotten what its purpose it. If we have done a thing that has escaped punishment, we feel home free. We believe that the guilt comes from the fear of being punished, and we forget that it is a reminder not to do the thing again. Embrace your guilt and use it as it was meant to be, a guide to your every day activities, it is part of what you are. Donít beat yourself up with it. It is a blessing, a warning sign along the path to spiritual enlightenment.

   Guilt is a reminder that something you have done, or going to do, is not going to work for you, at your current spiritual level of awareness.

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