ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


When Love is Blind

Unconditional love is blind. It has to be, or its not unconditional love. It sees "all" as love, and turns it head, from nothing and everything. In order for the system to function correctly, man was given freedom of choice to make decisions that reflects his model of the world he created. The creator experiences himself through us, and though unlimited love and freedom of choice. Had he restricted our freedom, he would be restricting his experience and purpose. He then would be experiencing a limited version of himself. Blind love, in our experience, closes our eyes to certain activities of our species that we do not care for, or want to deal with, as in a spouse cheating on another. or a friend that is stealing for instance.

   We close our eyes to these things, when in love with that person, we donít want harm to come to them. In truth this appears to be unconditional love, as it allows the other person to make his/her our choices and mistakes. The difference being, is that we think the activity that the person is engaged in is wrong, and it is painful to us, and we make a judgment about it. The creator does not make any judgments, but simple observes. We are the creator, the creator is the observer. The creator does not attach human emotion to our activities. That is why we were created, to experience thoughts, physically with emotional attachments. How blind can love me? Or how loving can being blind be? He cares only that you are experiencing. He welcomes your experience, no matter what your thought is about it. He also knows that you will not make the same choices forever. Love has patience.

   Because it is our natural tendency to evolve, eventually we will stop making choices that do not give us what we want, or take us where we want to go. Unconditional loves sees this, and blinds itself to the things we do, that do not work for us, because it could do nothing else. The experience of a lifetime is in making choices that take us down a different path than that of another. True, unconditional love, sees all and is blind. It can not and would not restrict, restriction is always conditional. Unconditional love does, not include ownership, jealousy or judgment as aspects of itself. Yet it sees all these things as perfect in our relationship to itself. Only when these things are experienced in our lives in the physical world, does God know himself as perfect and unconditional. It is paradocal, that God is blind and yet sees all. In human terms we must see God as unconditional, in order that we may live in "perfect love" and unconditional freedom. Know that it is he who is experiencing herself through us, and is using our individuality and our creativity to "experience."

   Unconditional love does not see the "bad" in you, nor the "good." It only sees the perfection that is you. These are human terms only. It sees itself, as that which it is, by experiencing that which it is not, which is you. All our choices, eventually work in our own best light. The individual, is not the same as the whole, nor is it detached from the whole. Both are blind.

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