ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Asking For Help



One of the greatest gifts that we can give to another, is the opportunity to help. Helping another, frees the soul, it fills the heart with love and allows the helper to experience themselves as the one who brings love. That was the first expression of love from our creator. He set himself free from the bonds of oneness, giving freedom and love to the individualized pieces of himself, that he scattered over the universe. That feeling of joy is experienced every time we give, or help from choice.

   Do not look upon asking for help as an imposition of the other, but one of an opportunity for him/her. Do not begrudgingly help another from a sense of duty, fear or guilt, but from the stand point of an opportunity to experience what your creator felt when he set you free and gave you life. Help often, make it a habit. There are those out there that are waiting to help. Many of those people would never volunteer, but are eager to be asked. Being in the position to help, acknowledges the abundance you already have in your life, in service and material. The deeper issue is, that when you help another, you are really helping yourself, this brings the power back to yourself. From the point of feeling powerless, you now have the power to help yourself through another. All strangers come bearing gifts, many times it is the opportunity to help. A highly evolved person, recognizes that, and would never refuse the gift. It may be the simple act of opening a door for someone, or giving a dime to a stranger at a checkout who is a little short. It is a very small effort for the grand feeling you receive from the act. Give life and power back to them, by asking for their help, you to, will be overwhelmed with the same sense of helping by asking for help.

   The hardest thing about giving, is to be able to do it without expecting recognition. When the expectation of recognition is not met, the feeling is lost, and is replaced by feelings of hurt and disappointment. Humbleness is another beneficial feeling of giving and asking for help. It recognizes the connection between the asker and the giver. From the point of humbleness we can feel the bond, and the transfer of power through sharing.

   In love, when you recognize an opportunity for someone to help, give them back to themselves by asking for their help. Recognize the opportunities for asking help of another. Think of asking, as giving, and humbly accept the good feelings that go along with the request. You always get back more than you give, when you help. The feeling can never be bought. In the truest sense, when the giver is being asked for help, he really is asking for help for himself, through the asker. He is asking once again to be empowered with abundance and love. One does never give away love, but only receives it.

   Try this. Next time you see the squeegee person at the red light, think of it as an opportunity only. Don't think about what he is going to do with the money. Next time you see the person on the street corner, with the sign, "Traveling, hunger, need food," that's been there for 3 years, stop yourself from thinking. Just give, for the opportunity that has presented itself to you. Then notice the difference, when you don't allow your mind to interfere.

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