ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


A Message From Joseth (Channelled)



It was never my intention to lead anybody in their spiritual quest, but to guide them. My own journey has taken me to this point. If I can help another by getting them started, that is my desire. Spiritual reality is a fact of life, it is what we are living daily. It should never be organized, but experienced individually, in our own way. We also have the need to get together and talk about the different ways that we are experiencing it. In a manner and fashion that allows all their individuality and freedom to choose their own way. It is natural for us to create our own style. More over it is absolutely imperative that we go our own way.

   That is why we are here, not do things the same way as others, but to create new ways. You are here for personal experience, and that experience can only happen within your model of the world, and done as you create it, not by another. I have given you freedom, without punishment or retribution, so that you can experience life without fear. Know that you are entirely free to do as you will and I will never condemn you. Know also that with freedom comes responsibility. It is your responsibility to use your freedom of will to evolve to the next higher level. Any action to the contrary will not be condemned by me, but it will simple not work for you, given that it is your natural tendency to evolve upward.

   You will know that you have strayed from that path, when life begins to become more difficult for you. You will know you are back on course when things start to work for you again. Always, you must look inside to discover your life’s purpose. And your life’s purpose always is to experience yourself, in the only way that is totally you. Note what is working in your life and what is not and constantly make adjustments to get the results that you desire. Become an observer of your own life, do not continue to do the things that are not working for you and above all, do not compare yourself to others. Find comfort in your ability to change, find your freedom and security in the evolution that is happening in your life.

   Change is the only constant in the physical world, embrace it. Know that in the next moment you will not be the same person you are now, and welcome it. Constantly each and every day, celebrate the birth of a new life, a person that is getter than the one left behind. Strive for that recognition, that awareness. Watch and pay close attention to the everyday subtle changes that are happening to you. This knowledge and awareness will keep moving you on, it will empower you to take responsibility for you life. Know this also, there is nothing you have to do, be or say to get where you desire to be. There is no where to go. You are already there. Experience, being here in you own way, that is you only purpose. Do not fear. Any fear that you have is self imposed. It is only fear that limits your growth, that stops you from experiencing all that you desire.

   The creator has given you the power, and has empowered you to create anything. You were meant to have it all, anything. That you can imagine. Experience that which created you., for that is truly who you are, you are the creator, experiencing the creator, by creating. You have created all the circumstances of your life. Your death or rebirth, will bring another opportunity to do it again and again. The fact that you are here is the expression, the physical reality of you desire before you were born to experience life. It was your decision alone that brought you here. Honour that decision. Know that it is perfect for you to be here now, at this time.

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