ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Killing Any Chances of Getting What You Want



Manifesting or creating, works best from pure thought. Thought is the first step in the process of creating a thing or circumstance, and it can take place instantly or in future time. Because it may take time to realize what it is we want to manifest, one may feel that they are not in control of the process, and that outside forces are at play. These thoughts will however slow the process. When you give up control and entertain such thoughts the universe is confused about what it is supposed to be creating, other than confusion for you. It may falter or even stop the process until your thoughts change again. Not knowing what it is you desire, may be one of the biggest obstacles in realizing your manifesting.

   All thoughts are created into physical reality at some level. The stronger or more pure the thought the more likely it will be completely made manifest into your reality. Negative thoughts have the greater chance of being realized often, because they do not have the disadvantage of having positive thoughts getting in their way. In reverse, we have trouble manifesting the things we desire at a conscious level because we allow negative thoughts to interfere, both at a conscious level and a subconscious level. The less control we have over our thoughts the less likely we will be able to manifest at a higher level of consciousness.

   At my work place, I notice that I often allow thoughts about the business and management interfere with what I am trying to do there, that is to make money. Opportunities are brought to me and I sabotage them with a negative thoughts. Recently, I took 3 months off, to write my books. During that time I kept in contact with my former supervisor. He reassured me, that circumstances had changed and that the company would be able to deliver my sales. Two weeks ago I went back to work and I had one of the best two weeks in sales that I have realized in all the time I have been employed there. I was equal to the top sales people and I was full of confidence that I would be able to maintain this level. Two days ago, we had our Tuesday morning sales meeting, at which time the boss announced that deliveries were booked solid for the next two days. And laid out delivery schedule for the foreseeable future, as he was doing so, I was busy calculating average deliveries per sales person.

   The next 3 months traditionally were the best months. Its what we all wait for. It’s our ‘make it’ or ‘break it’ period. I calculated that no matter how well we sold, there was no way the company could keep up with the deliveries, even if the equipment didn’t break down as in the past. I had a memory flash of last year and an old pattern emerged and I decided in an instant that we were not going to get our pot of gold this fall again. The meeting ended and I left the building with my first ‘office’ lead. Office leads are like gold, in that they are almost certainly going to generate a sale.

   I did not sell anything on the first lead. I called in for the next four leads and did not sell them either. At some level I attracted the leads that were least likely to generate a sale. These leads we random and any one of the others could have received them. I managed to filter the leads that would most closely match the new thought I had, about having them being delivered in the next couple of days. There was no urgency in creating sales in my mind because they were either not going to be delivered or they would be cancelled over the next few days. All day long I realized the fruits of my sponsoring thought.

   After work, realizing what I was doing I tried to reverse the thought process and recreated a new thought pattern of success. I worked on it that night and in the morning on the way to work. I decided that deliveries were not my problem and that my only purpose for being there to make money. If the company could not make all the deliveries, it would not be mine that they could not deliver. I had my best day ever. I sold all my customers except one. The others sales people did very poorly. I had been successful in reversing the negativity that was standing in the way of my purpose in the job, that is to make money.

   My belief is that any system is virtually worthless, unless you can put a key into it, turn it on and make it work for you on demand. The secret is, you must have the right key to make it work, or its not going to work for you. The process of manifesting what we desire is simple. It’s just not easy to overcome all the negative thoughts, we have about why we can’t have what we want. Become an observer, watch and listen to yourself, you will find very quickly, the secret as to why you are not getting what you want.

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