ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Who is There to Forgive



All strangers come bearing gifts, and all persons act appropriately within the limitations that they have set for themselves.

   Assuming the above statement is true, then who is there left to forgive? When someone hurts us or does us wrong, is it their fault or is it that we have placed ourselves in time and space to be wronged or hurt by another? If we have put ourselves in the correct time and place to be hurt, then the other has really done us a favour. They have helped us achieve the experience that we desired at some level of consciousness. They are to be thanked, not forgiven.

   All of us interact with each other to create the circumstance that we wish to experience. Nothing is by chance or accident. There are no innocent victims as there are only souls cooperating with each other to achieve a desired experience. Because there is in fact only one soul that we all share, nothing can happen that is not desired. I reach out my right hand so that my left can strike it to produce a clapping sound and action.

   An immature mind would blame a rapist for attacking another. On a higher level one would know that the rape was agreed to from a higher level of awareness and that the rapist was merely acting in good faith with the so called victim.

   On a conscious level of thinking this would seem to be cruel and inhumane treatment of another body, and that is because most all of us only relate to the physical body as being who we are and we shuffle the blame for such misfortunes as Godís will so that we donít have to take responsibility for it.

   An immature mind would blame a killer for attacking another and taking his/her life. But this is judgment based on physical evidence only. Because the murderer and the victim are connected and communicating at some level of consciousness, the act cannot happen unless both are in the same time and place. It is a mutually coordinated act that only appears random and tragic from the eyes of the survivors or witnesses. Survivors assume that the victim did not want to be killed because their assumptions are personal and come from only one level of awareness or consciousness. Assumptions are always incorrect and disregard the intentions, desires or the soulís purpose of the other.

   If I have a personal desire to be a "thing," such as a murderer, would it not be the most loving and greatest act of unconditional love to give me the chance to be a murderer. Would you not lay down your life so that I may experience being a murderer? If you come from a higher state of enlightenment that knows that you cannot be destroyed and can obtain another body, why would you deny me?

   The murderer or rapist will act within his/her own limitations. The one that does you wrong is simply being who they are. Do they need to be forgiven for being in their own space of understanding, or is it you that needs to forgive yourself for lack of understanding and awareness?

   I am thinking from a higher level of awareness when I make these statements. We still have to deal with human physical emotions which often clouds higher thinking.

   From this higher awareness and knowledge of cooperation between egos one with a higher understanding will know that they have unconditional freedom to choose what they want to experience and with whom. One that does not wish to be murdered, raped, or harmed would not knowingly put themselves in a position of agreement with another to experience these things and the event could not occur.

   These interactions do not confine themselves to cooperation with living things only, but with the environment and non living things as well.

   Natural disasters happen and people are killed or injured within the greatest respect for each other. Humanity is part of its environment and humanity always puts itself in a position to interact with it.

   People get struck by lightning for reason, not chance. People get killed in Sonomaís for reason, not chance. Floods happen, and property and people are affected because it is orchestrated.

   These things are natural events that occur through reason and intelligence at some level. All events have a thought process behind them. All physical events are manifestations of a thought process at some level.

   If you accept this knowledge as your truth and new awareness level, you do not have to experience any of them unless you choose to. Forgiveness is not necessary and is inappropriate for something that is agreed upon. One can only forgive oneself for not accepting the limited physical awareness of others. One should think that higher awareness gives you the opportunity of removing yourself from harms way.

   For all the so called bad things that happen in this world, there is a level of understanding that you may not be aware of, which knows that all things happen appropriately in the realm of unconditional love. Nothing happens by chance or from your inability to choose it. Nothing happens because a God may will it, or the devil makes it happen. All physical events happen because all things are in agreement. Your health, you physical circumstances were all manifested by you, nothing else controls them, and all things come to you so that you may experience what you desire at some level.

   Forgive yourself for not yet being at a level of understanding, awareness or enlightenment that allows you to be grateful for the truly remarkable existence that you are now experiencing.

   This knowledge does not take you away from physical circumstances and experiences. It just moves your higher consciousness to the place of the silent observer that can place itself out of the box looking down at yourself and the other and the walls that you both have built around yourselves. Awareness brings greater freedom, and the ability to see a little farther down the road so that you may avoid the potholes from choice at a more physical level of consciousness.

   When you no longer know yourself as a victim, you will truly know the awesome power that you have access to. You will be proactive in your life instead of reactive or passive. You will truly know peace and joy and the wonderment of the physical life. Nor will you ever see yourself or others as victims.

   Life, death, good, bad, Heaven or Hell are what you think they are. Nothing changes in your experience unless you change your thoughts. These are all personal experiences that you created in your mind in cooperation with those around you and your environment and they are not accidents, they are events and opportunities.

   Physical events are a thought process made manifest in symbolic form. No one is a victim unless they believe themselves to be, and then that would be appropriate in the limited understanding of the victim. It also removes the responsibility of the victim to change. If you see yourself as a victim, then you see yourself as helpless. It is neither right nor wrong; it is just the way it is. You have created the opportunity to experience victimhood for your own reasons.

   Innocence is a human convention and is experienced in the ignorance of the soul by the ego, there is no innocence in the actions of the soul, and there is only deliberate intent.

   No soul needs your forgiveness, but your gratitude.

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