ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Errors in Thought, brings Disease and Accidents




For years now I have been telling people that everything is in your head, your thoughts are powerful and you need to control them Everyone once in awhile I am reminded physically of how it works…

   Illness is an error in thought. At some level of consciousness illness and accidents are created. Illness and accidents must have thought behind them to be manifested into physical experience.

   We get sick for a logical reason, for purpose and most of the time we do not know why consciously. Physical manifestation is a three step procedure; "thought, word and deed." It is that simple and it works perfectly.

   If one could look back with clarity, past the last time they may have had a minor or serious illness or were involved in an accident, you would be able to see the steps that led up to it.

   You were having difficulties at work and there was a lot of pressure on you from co-workers. You dreaded going into work and having to face them and you were having difficulties sleeping, you may have turned to drugs or something else for relief. You could feel it coming to a head and then one day you woke up with chest pains and you were rushed to the hospital suffering from a minor heart attack.

   These events are not unheard of and are a common reaction to stress. It could have easily been a car accident. The root for the illness or accident was in the mind, the ego could no longer function effectively at work so it created time off.

   If the thought is that you cannot handle a situation, you will create a way to avoid it. This is how it works. Illness has intelligence behind it, and if we get in over our heads we find a way out, if only temporarily. This process is behind the common cold or any life threatening or chronic disease. When the body cannot find a way, the spirit will accommodate it. Because the root thought is that "I want out."

   Sometimes in analysis a practitioner may even have to go back into other lifetimes (past life regressional therapy) to find the root causes for one’s symptoms.

   I read about a woman in therapy that was having breathing problems. Doctors could not find the cause for her symptoms. She was sent into past life regressional therapy and it was discovered that in her past life she was buried alive and suffocated to death. Once she relived her death in therapy the symptoms in this life disappeared. The thought behind her present symptoms were brought into her present awareness and she was able to dissolve the root cause.

   Our thoughts are so powerful and we take them for granted. It is our thoughts followed by our words, which creates all that we experience. I can look back on my own life in hind sight, and see how it has worked for me.

   For most of my adult life I have harboured destructive negative thoughts that get in the way of my success. I have spent years writing about the secrets to manifesting thoughts into physical reality and every once in awhile one of them will jump up and bite me in the ass and I am reminded that they are always there.

   Last week before I was dispatched to a customer’s home, I was asked if I was wearing any cologne or after shave, because the home owner’s daughter had severe reactions to them. I was cleared and went to the call. I spend over an hour in the home talking to an elderly gentleman about his daughter. Much of the time he was in tears as he told me the story of his daughter. His daughter’s condition was both a blessing to him and a hardship as he and his wife had to adjust their lives to include her in there now aging years. They were both 80 years old, he was retired and she still worked part time to help cope with the expenses. The daughter had been married but returned home to live her parents after the marriage failed.

   In the short time that I had with this man, I was intent on telling him my story and how I healed myself of a crippling disease when I was six years old. I wanted him to know the power of the mind and what it can do.

   I have guardedly told this story before. This time as I told the story I heard a voice in the back of my head saying, "Right, you cured yourself, sure, now because you said that, it will come back!" Then I heard myself saying, "Roy, you always think that when you tell this story." Stop! It was one of those ‘it’s too good to be true,’ thoughts, "if I say something then it won’t last."

   In the early evening hours one day later, I felt pain in my leg and that evening I went through all the symptoms of my crippling disease after more than fifty years of no symptoms. I did not sleep well that night and still had the pain in the morning. I had a great deal of trouble getting up and walking without the familiar limp I had as a child.

   Of course I do not have the disease any longer and the pain has disappeared after I realized what I had done.

   There will be some that read this article and not believe it, and there will be just as many that do and that is perfect. It is the way that it should be, that is my point. It is in your head, what you believe will be true for you, what you do not, won’t be. Whether you believe me is irrelevant, what is important is to know that what you know shall be so. What you think about will manifest itself into physical reality at some level. You will experience what you think. This is the magic of the physical life. We are creating our own experiences. We are not victims of circumstances we are creating them. Control your thoughts and you will control what you experience. Beware always of the old destructive thoughts that are always lingering and let them pass.

   The one most important thing that I have learned in the last six years of writing, is that thought creates all that is.

   You can use this knowledge to enhance your life and live in joy, abundance and grace. You can also use this knowledge to create a life of misery, illness, accidents and struggle.

   Body, reacts to mind, always! You can never be a victim because it is your thought that creates everything that you experience in your life. If you fully want to appreciate this awareness, listen to yourself and listen to the little voice that talks to you all the time. There are patterns in your life that you can see and recognize that go along with your experiences.

   If you do not take responsibility for the circumstances of your life, then you give up the ability to change it. If you are waiting for parents, friends, strangers or even God to come to your rescue that is what you will experience… waiting! If you believe that it is God that has done this to you, then that of course is true because it is what you believe, it is your thought. You already have what you need to create what you desire, just think about it.

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