ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


I Am Creator, I Am Roy


"I," is the most powerful word in the English language and "I Am," is a declaration of "who I am."

  Writers have this wonderful ability to write in "pseudo," as another identity. I have a couple of pen names that I use and this technique is very useful when I want to write from a different perspective.

  I create in my mind an individual that may have a different take or view on a specific top of interest to me. So I create a new personality or individual to facilitate what it is I wish to write about. In this case I will call her Sarah, I love that name.

  Sarah has my writing abilities and the opportunity to write and she has all my attributes and power to do anything that she desires. She has freedom to choose what she writes and it will be somewhat different than mine. Before I created her we had an agreement that she would write on a certain subject, and about events and people that I wanted to include in the story.

  Sarah now has purpose. She may only have a slight remembrance of me and our connection, but for as long as she is serving me, she has purpose. As long as she writes she will exist as an invidualized part of me. Sarah also has an intuitive thought that once she stops writing she will no longer exist, she could not be further from the truth.
As she matures and becomes more confident in her existence she will believe that she is alive, she will take on a life of her own. For the purpose of her existence she is real, and she believes it.

  Sarah will always live with the fear that when she dies she will no longer exist. When she has moved away from her purpose she will no longer be necessary. Because she does not understand the connection with that which created her, she is vulnerable to extinction and for Sarah her existence is tenuous and uncertain.

  Now Sarah is also a creator and as she begins to understand the connection with herself and the characters that she writes about, she will also begin to understand the connection between herself and her creator.

  The characters that she writes about have eternal life because they are present in her mind and memory, just as Sarah will have eternal life because she is present in the mind and memory of that which created her. All things are connected and all things are one, the one of the creator.

  Sarah can never be extinct because of her connection with her creator and the ego (individualized creator) is only there to demonstrate the separation of one creator from the other. Sarah's character stays alive because her creator declares that it is the creator speaking as another known as Sarah.

  Once Sarah becomes aware of her connection with creator she becomes immortal because she will begin to speak with the authority of the creator. She may now say that "I am Creator," speaking as another that I call Sarah. She will live forever and maintain all characteristics in the mind of that which created her. Her essence will always be made manifest from the mind of her creator. She will influence the thoughts of her creator as she becomes fully integrated in the awareness of it.

  Because I am her creator, I, in truth can say that "I am Roy," writing through another called Sarah and that would be accurate and Sarah would have access to all my power and my knowledge. On the other hand Sarah could not have access unless she was aware and understood her connection to me, until she was ready to say "I am Roy," writing as Sarah. The awareness of the connection to your creator gives you immortality and the fear of extinction disappears.
The connection to that which created Roy is the same. "I am God," writing through another that I call Roy. I am God first and Roy is my creation. Until I understand this I cannot be God, nor access what power that comes with it, I cannot be God, while I believe that I am Roy. However I can be aware that I am both and that there is no separation between the two. This gives me individuality, the power and attributes of the creator and immortality. "I am God, experiencing physical life through the individualized character that I created known as Roy.

  At the world's present level of enlightenment, calling yourself God may not be the wisest thing to say. Unless you wish to experience what that statement may bring to you.

  Knowing is awareness and declaring it is essential… thought word and deed are the steps to all that you desire. Declaring yourself as God working through your individualized creation brings, freedom, peace, and immortality and it works. Knowing yourself as God allows yourself the awareness that all is well, and that you can change anything that you wish at will. It also keeps you in touch with the connection that you have to all things and you will begin to know them as perfect.

  God created me, I created Sarah, Sarah created someone else, but we are the same thing and we cannot be separated. As God, I created my whole down line. Without me, none of them would exist. Without Sarah none of the individuals under her would exist. There is no separation, and I am one with all that is and is not, because they are all in my thoughts or are not.

  Being God is not so bad when you work within the limits of access that you have set for yourself, and within your ability to deal positively with the knowledge, power and responsibility that goes with it. All of us are God working through individualized aspects of God. Knowing that will set you free!

  "I am God," is not blasphemy, it is truth. Fear comes with not knowing who you are. Fear is denial of self. Fear is not your experience in the knowingness of this self.

  When I speak of God, I create the separation as one that is out there or apart from me. When I say that I am God, I remain connected even as I say I am Roy. I am God writing as Roy. I am Roy of the House of Klienwachter, God in individualized form manifesting as 5.6 billion individuals on this planet. There is not one else, I am all that there is.

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