ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Adding Meaning to Life



Life is what I have imagined. It is what "I AM," and what "I am," experiencing and it has no meaning and that is the big secret. There is no secret to life, life simply is.

   It can not get more simply than that. Anything that I add may make it more complicated. It is enough for life "to be." It is enough to say "I am," and nothing needs to follow, and "I AM," only lasts for the instance that life becomes aware of itself. Humanity can not stop with "I am," and it is the "ego," that demands meaning, it must discover what follows "I am."

   Humanity wants to know "I am," what? So for humankind to discover what it means to be "I am," it must be able to experience it in all its probabilities. It is an explosion that moves away from its centre only to eventually fall back in on itself.

   All things move away from self in order to experience self. I can not be a thing until I know that I am not a thing. I can not know myself as "I am," until I know myself as "I am not."

   You can not know the experience of happy until you become aware of sad and experience it. It would be the same thing as eating only sugar. You could experience sweet but you could not define it until you have experienced bitter, it would have no meaning for you.

   So by accepting the awareness of "I am," you then seek to experience the perfection of "I am," by moving away from it and then returning once again to it.

   All things move back to the perfection of "I am," after it has experienced all of its probabilities. Everything that is "alive," and "not alive," is in a state of grace. Nothing is lost and everything comes back to the whole eventually.

   For humanity then, no man, woman or child can be lost spiritually, eventually one returns to his/her path and returns to that which created it. No one can be bad without eventually being good. No one can continue giving without eventually receiving. No one can die without eventually returning to life. As the pendulum swings from its starting point it moves away only to return. So on leaving its starting point it is actually in the process of returning to it. It can never leave; it is always in a state of returning. As life is cyclical, no matter where we start on our path we always come back to "life."

   For humanity it simply means we are constantly in a state of being, whether it is being dead or alive, they are both the same; we can not leave life to experience death we always are moving towards life because that is how we started out. The pendulum leaves its starting point to begin its return.

   As we start our journey from the awareness of life we look ahead towards our death so that we may return to life. What we do in between is simply a process or experience that has only meaning to the individual as they are experiencing it. We are the process, we are life, and we are the movement. We are not a body that has life we are the energy of life that moves the body.

   Life is intelligence and all of physicality is a manifestation of intelligence as it experiences intelligence through this medium. Intelligence fools itself by thinking that it is not intelligent. It moves away from itself to find out what is not intelligent and then finds that it is all there is which is really nothing at all. It tricks itself into thinking that it is something by experiencing nothing. It must experience the probabilities of nothing to know that it is something.

   It is what the great minds of our times have discovered long ago, there is no where to go. The only thing that has meaning is what you are doing right now. What you are experiencing in the eternal moment of now. Nothing else matters.

   In order for you to relate positively to this awareness, it is important to focus your attention on what you are doing at this moment. This moment will last forever because you are not going anywhere. You can experience anything that you desire because you have eternity to do it.

   In human terms, you have nothing to fear unless it is fear that you wish to experience. There is no such thing as good or bad, right or wrong. You do not have to feel bad about yourself unless that is what you wish to experience. No one is pulling your strings, what you are experiencing in relationship to your environment and others are something that you are creating yourself. Your subconscious mind knows what it wants to experience and draws all the elements and others into your life so that you may choose them. It is the common mind (life) that interacts with all the aspects of itself to experience itself.

   In order to fully experience your awareness, you cannot be concerned with where you came from or where you are going, because you will eventually get to both places. Your focus must be in the present moment and then even that is an illusion for physical beings. So you must accept that your physical life is an illusion and is not real. It is meant to be experienced, and in your case you experience life through the five senses that you are aware of and those that you are not.

   The only meaning to life is the meaning that you give it at this moment, you are making it all up and you can change it with a thought.

   Highly enlightened persons can experience wealth, abundance, joy and happiness in the moment without the burden of carrying them around, by finding such things in the moment. All such experiences are thoughts first and then are experienced physically. You do not go anywhere to experience joy, it is created in your mind first then you do joyful things to express those thoughts physically.

   One can not go to the cupboard and pull out love. The thought of love must be in ones head first then it is demonstrated in physical life. One can not demonstrate love if he/she does not believe they have it.

   All of our feelings and our physical activities are experiences that we use to demonstrate the "I am." I am all of these things when I demonstrate them and I am none of them at the same time. The experiences are constant reassurances to the ego that it is alive.

   It is humanity that questions its own validity in human terms for the sake of its individuality. It is because humanity ponders that it must demonstrate its thoughts in physical symbols in order to accept them and remain individualized. It is through the individual experience of all the parts that the whole can experience itself physically as all that is, as its own individualized part of something even greater than itself.

   The physical and intellectual limitations of present physical experience keeps humanity searching for its truth, it keeps the system going as a dog chases its tail and humankind keeps searching outward only to be brought back to itself as the source of all that it is searching for. You cannot get to where you already are, but you can experience "getting there," in the illusionary realm of the physical world.

   As the human-being experiences individual apexes of physical life, it seeks to destroy itself when it finds that there is no where or nothing left to experience. When he finds that he/she is all alone there is nothing left but to start over to experience him/her self in another aspect of itself. Once a Dictator, Monarch, Prophet or Buddha or Christ discovers there own truth and can see over the mountain they will destroy themselves. Life is the trip, its not getting there.

   To fully experience the power that you now have to create your life, know that you are already perfect the way that you are. Know that you are simple experiencing one aspect of what you are capable of.

   It doesn’t matter whether you are a humanitarian or a thief, whether you give life or take it away. You are demonstrating what you believe yourself to be, it is your desire at some level to experience what you are doing now. With acceptance of this, you also retain the power to change your experiences. You no longer remain a victim but the architect. You place yourself in the driver’s seat and you can experience any side of yourself at will. You are not at the mercy of any external force.

   What I do as an explorer or seeker is spend my time looking away from this moment. Over the years of searching I am always directed back to now. It doesn’t matter where I go or what I have learned as far as the human condition is concerned there is nothing of any consequence other than what you are doing at this very moment. We may not be of this world, but we are definitely in it, if only at a conscious level.

   The awareness that I have gained in my quest for my truth is simple the slap on the back of the head that says "Pay Attention." Live in the moment because there is not other and make the most of what it is you are doing now. If you don’t like the circumstances of your present situation, then do something about it now! Do not put your faith into symbols or images of a parent or care giver Gods, profits or Buddha’s. They are symbols of what you may desire, but the real power for change is already with you, in truth it is you. No one is going to rescue you or come to your aid.

   If it is your thought that you need rescuing then you are giving your power away waiting for someone or something to rescue you and they will never come.

   You can however create the symbol of a rescuer in your mind that will lead you to a thought and an experience of being rescued, but it is still you that is doing the rescue or making the change.

   It is these moments that you create meaning in your life, when you are creating and when you are moving from one experience to another. There is no meaning, you are creating meaning or in truth choosing something different. Awareness of choice brings the opportunity for choice. What I have done over the years of searching is increased my awareness of the choices. My awareness has not brought about great changes in my life but opportunities to make changes. And opportunity to give meaning to the choices that I make and meaning that becomes my new truth, affecting all the circumstances of my life.

   By giving meaning to my life the only thing that I am really doing is maintaining my individuality while still maintaining my connection to all other things. I am Life!

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