ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


I Am a Figment of My Imagination



Lately I have become aware of a new truth that is formulating in my life.

   After years of study in New Age and New Thought a new awareness of self is emerging. I created this site to pass on any new wisdom I may have learned about to those that may receive benefit from it. Many times over the last year that wisdom has been reflected back to me by others that I have brought into my life either physically or from this site.

   I am here alone; I have created my world and the circumstances of it. I am talking to myself and bringing awareness to myself and all that I do, I do for self.

   I am planting seeds along the way and return to reap the harvest every now and then. Those that I believe I am helping are helping me. They in truth are me in different physical bodies. They are my soul mates that are here in an exchange program that we are involved with.

   We interact with each other and enter each otherís world from time to time as needed. There is no one pulling my strings and no one I have to answer to. In a world of worlds, I am the creator, the painter and sculpture, the poet and author. It is all about me and my purpose, it is selfish and purposeful. I am in this world to experience a physical aspect of myself and I draw all the things that I need into my life in order to experience it.

   The others in my life exist only in my mind and are manifested and experienced physically for my purposes. Because they do not exist and are actually my own thoughts made physical whatever I believe I am doing for them or to them, I am actually doing for self or to self. It is therefore in my own best interests to treat them as I would want to treat myself, to give honestly, kindly, respectfully, and with unconditional love, because I am really giving to the only one that really matters. The one that is experiencing those things is the one that is giving and receiving, it is giving to self what self wishes to experience.

   Every stranger is no longer a stranger once brought into my life. It is self bringing a gift or opportunity to self that I want to experience. All experiences are good experiences once I see that side of it. There are no strangers just different aspects of myself returning to self to remind me of my purpose and that I may be moving away from or back to intention.

   When I stand back and have a look at this from the perspective of the silent viewer I can see that I do not exist as a whole but as the sum of all my parts. To know myself I must welcome all my parts and their circumstances.

   A new truth or awareness is formulating in my life and that is that I am not altogether here and that I am in the process of creating myself.

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