ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Addiction and Spirituality-a Natural Mix




What does spirituality or being spiritual have to do with having an addiction? Are addictions really a spiritual manifestation outside of our control, or are they a free choice made by ego in our physical life?

A trip to my step son's treatment facility has opened my eyes to a program that treats addictions spiritually. It's called the ConRoy Treatment Program. It's a holistic treatment program for addictions that treats the addicts holistically-mind, body, and spirit. The ConRoy Program is not a religious based program, but a spiritual one, and uses the natural resources of the human body and psyche to treat addictions.

Any dependency on a physical object or event can be regarded as an addiction. Addictions are not totally uncontrollable; if they were, no one would ever overcome them. If they are controllable, then that means there is intelligence behind it. Intelligence is the ability to reason and all things physical are reasoned at some level of consciousness. All human experience is created or manifested as a thought first.

Illness and accidents happen through reason and they are not random events executed by chance or by an act of God or the Devil-if they exist in your thoughts-they are created by you. Illness is a direct physical response to something that is not working in your life-this one or a previous one. Just as good health is a physical response to living a life that is working for you. Illness is invited into your life by you at some level of your consciousness. The illness is cured in part or in whole with the awareness of why you got the illness in the first place. Terminal cancer is cured when you discover the reason for it. Cancer is a thought manifested into your experience by your own mind. The permanent cure for cancer will come when the reason for it has been addressed by your thoughts. This may sound cruel, but nothing in the physical world can exist without first being preceded by a thought.

Addiction is an illness and it is manifested by a thought whether it is hereditary or a byproduct of your own conscious choices. The ConRoy program brings this awareness to its clients. It is successful because it treats the roots of illness not its symptoms.

Lying on a basement floor very near death, my step son was rescued and put into treatment. He not only recovered but bounced back and used his experience to help others. His lectures, interviews and job related experiences led him to start his own program and treatment centre for men. His passion for the ConRoy Program and Holistic treatments has benefited many. Life's greatest experiences come from personal knowledge and the willingness to share those with others. For those with addictions there is a greater need to find themselves; to discover their spirituality. They are driven to discover their purpose-to rediscover life and their connections to others even at the risk of their own life. If the addiction doesn't kill them, many become models for others and move on to greater experiences. Many will look back to their addictions and the experience and are grateful for where it has brought them. They view life differently and from a unique perspective that is alien to most of us and fortunately never experienced.

Ever human being suffers from some form of addiction. In fact the number one addiction in the world today is television according to some researchers. Addictions are desired by the ego. Ego will hang onto anything that reinforces its identity. Ego always fears for its own survival, so addiction is a natural for it, because it identifies so closely with it. Addiction is a bond ego will fight to maintain.

Permanent recover from addiction really comes from the will of spirit to move to its natural state of existence, which is freedom. Addiction is an end to life, and the natural state of spirit is to move on-to experience life in all its aspects. Life is movement-addiction is a small box; a pine box. Addiction leads its victim in an endless circle disguised as life. Addiction programs often fail because they do not address the true nature of spirit. Addiction programs which are religious based just lead the addicted into another addiction-this is not true recovery. Programs which are feared based are just as destructive to the relationship between ego and spirit. Spirit is the power behind all things which we experience or manifest in the physical world. It makes sense to use that knowledge to lead the body into a more natural state of physical being without religious penance or redemption, suffering, fear or dependency on others drugs or programs or beliefs.

No one can judge accurately the root causes for the addictions of another. The individual most likely will not know the reasons
themselves. But once they have let go of ego, the answer comes to them automatically and without prejudice.

Although I am not an advocate of any addiction treatment; the ConRoy program falls within my own knowledge of why people get sick and have accidents. I believe that all of us have the ability to make ourselves sick and experience accidents. It is only natural that we also have the power to correct the thinking that brings them to us. If you accept the responsibility for your illness then you also retain the power to change it. If you do not; you automatically become a victim and have disempowered yourself and have little chance for complete recovery. Either way the choice comes from the unconditional love that is our experience; that was a promise before we came into the physical world. You will always survive, and you will always have freedom of choice


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