ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Optimism Will Embrace 2009



2009 will be a year of opportunity, optimism, challenge and creation.

Spiritually, another year doesn't really mean anything from the greater perspective. After all, to spirit, life is just an experience. To the ego, it is all about life and death. If you can find yourself in the position of the silent observer (spirit), you will be able to witness all of your choices with impartiality and unconditional love for what the ego does. It doesn't mean that your ego will not react to its choices, but the consequences will come from a greater understanding and empathy for the physical experience. From this vantage point there is beauty in all things in your physical life. Humanity is much too critical of itself and takes itself way too seriously.

From our physical point of view; life may not be a bed of roses. However from the spirit's viewpoint-that is all it is.

Trying to find the balance between these two perspectives is what we call "trying to find ourselves" or becoming spiritually aware. We do this in ignorance of whom and what we truly are. You are already spirit, so everything you do is spiritually. You do not have to find yourself or every have to try to be spiritual. You are what you already seek to be.

I believe that when we accept that we have chosen to freely to come into the physical world of our own accord, we empower ourselves to love ourselves as we are no matter what our circumstances. We do not feel that love when we see ourselves as victims forced to come here.

In religious terms humanity sees itself as God's children struggling in an unnatural world. Spirit is emotionless and non-judgmental and it knows that the body is an extension of itself. Ego demands and spirit commands the forces. Become familiar and comfortable with spirit and know that you are the creator and give your ego every freedom of choice to choose as it desires, whether it screws up or not.

The world does not need to change-your thoughts about the world need to change if you don't like it the way it is. Remember en mass you helped to create it. What the world offers you is opportunity to express those thoughts physically.

The very fact that you are here means that you are successful in the eyes of the creator. What you do with your life while you are here is personal to the ego, and life does not judge that purpose, nor does it care.

Greet 2009 knowing that all things including you are perfect the way they are. Also know that you have the power and choice to change any of that perfection as you see fit and it will still be perfect until you know longer see it that way.

The experience of physical life is extraordinary, but that same life can be as a struggle if that is how you choose to experience it. You have the freedom to see nothing as abundance, because it represents freedom with no baggage and nothing is the ultimate freedom, because you have the possibility everything. You also have the freedom to see abundance as baggage and a source of fear in a declining economy. It's a matter of perspective. You will take nothing with you as spirit continues into another life experience. Hope, trust, wishing, luck, chance or prayers will not bring you what you wish to experience in 2009. Obama is not the new messiah or savior for the world-you have made him a symbol of change. He represents your new thoughts about how you want to experience the world.

Knowing is absolute. Know that you will have what you want and it will become your experience. Monitor your thoughts-what you think you create. You can never fail in life unless failing is what you wish to experience. Remember also that the ego is just one partner in the process of creation-you must be in harmony with mind and spirit to effectively create the events of your life that you desire. If it is hope that you embrace for 2009, then hope is all you will experience for the rest of the year. Embrace change and you will experience change and you will also own the power to change; otherwise you are a victim. Never wait for change to happen. It starts with your very next thought.

In the time you have been alive, you have thought life was this way or that and you were correct. By hanging onto those thoughts, you will experience life as this or that. If it is no longer what you wish to experience, think differently. No one outside of yourself is going to save you-your thoughts are what are going to save you if you feel you need to be saved.

If war and recession are on your mind-that is what you will experience. It is your thoughts which have created them. If everyone only thought about peace, war would never be experienced. If you refuse to believe the money makers that there is a recession, you would not feel it. Somebody created these experiences, and they didn't just happen. There are rules in a recession and one of them is you cut-back. Don't follow the rules and you will never know you are in a recession. If a recession is the product of the rich screwing up the economy trying to hang on to what they have, then most of us don't have to worry about what we never had-in this regard you cannot feel lack. Recessions are opportunities for the have-nots as long as you don't buy into the philosophy of those who have screwed up. The rich live by different rules than the average person. Trying to save those who caused the recession just invites another opportunity for it to happen again. Saving old belief systems restores them to live again.

The world you want to experience will begin with your next thought. Make 2009 a year of new thoughts. Spend some time "outside the box" and imagine the world that you want to experience. The dinosaurs must disappear to make way for the warm blooded mammals. You must empty your cup before you can fill it with new tea. Move past your current beliefs and thoughts about how the world is.

Make 2009 the best year ever; because it is within your power to do so.


Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published author, a student of NLP, spiritual philosopher, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination. Review Roy's new book at: