ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Who Are The People Of The Next Emanation



There are many people to whom I have talked to who want change, and are ready for it. But I have met very few who are willing to change. Our belief systems are intrinsic to the stability of our ego no matter how difficult or impossible our circumstances see to be.

Change comes with the thought of change. We can change our lives completely in a heart beat when we are willing to let go of what we know. Our physical world and our circumstances are not who or what we truly are. Our physical experiences are manifestations of what we believe our lives to be. So in order to experience something different we must change our thoughts about our experience. The process is so simple that it makes it extremely difficult to implement.

It is the ego that is saying this is who I am, this is how I think, and this is the way it has always been. Ego will fight any effort to change. It always fears for its survival, and change in its limited reasoning is always a cause for concern. What ego does not know and does not appreciate is that change is the only constant. By constantly changing, ego would secure its very existence indefinitely. In fact it would live for change.

Few egos will survive the next emanation or step in human evolution. Because they are not prepared to except it, they will not be part of it. This does not mean the end of the spirit, just the ego. Ego will be stuck in so called purgatory until it decides that it no longer wants to be there - it is always a choice. Although the religious concept of purgatory is a place of indefinite time, it is not how it is. Their idea is to scare believers into capitulating to their beliefs. A small ray of light came from Pope Paul the IV who said that heaven and hell are places in the mind; one-up for Christianity. They are not actual physical places, and that includes purgatory. Purgatory is simply a state of indecision.

Humanity is waiting, and it is waiting for something that will never happen. For humanity to enter into the next realm of existence it needs to be there; it must already be in the thought process. When you are waiting for something, the end result will always be the same; you will experience waiting. When you have taken the step to change; change is what you will experience. When you have decided where you want to go and what you want to experience and have let go of what you are now experiencing, you will experience something new.

The step is as simple as making any kind of decision; step forward, step backward or to one side or the other. You will no longer experience being in the same place. But you must be prepared to leave everything behind. This is where ego puts up its greatest fight. Where the ego fails is that it believes it is alive and is the one in power. For all physical purposes the ego is correct. Ego is the captain, and the earth plain is its ship. That is why it is so important to be willing to let go of life itself. Without the ego the spirit is not free experience anything it desires in the physical plain. It needs the ego (body) to do that.

This does not mean that spirit and ego cannot dance. It simple means that one must be willing to follow while the other leads. The conflict must end for meaningful change to occur. It has been demonstrated throughout our history that conflict is what the ego desires. It does so because then, and only then can it reaffirm its own existence. In other words, I am alive this is who I am; this is what I believe, and always will. But it is also a death sentence. Because the very meaning of life is movement, there is very little life in a box and it is closed system that is doomed to extinction. No new energy is allowed, and what is left will be exhausted, like gasoline in a car. However, as with a car, if the thinking is to allow new energy into the car it will move with limited mobility until once again it is drained. A car does not have the option of filling its own tank; it relies on an outside source or mind to make a decision to refill it. Humanity has a choice and the power to do it.

As simplistic as this is; it is because of its simplicity that humanity does not see how this applies to itself. Thought creates movement at some level of physical experience. A movement to the next step of evolution requires just a simple thought. What has brought civilization to this point? It was a thought, a collective thought about who we are and how we should live on this planet. But is also a single thought about how you wanted to experience your world from your own unique perspective.

If you are to survive the next transformation, you must know that you are already transforming; that you are moving to the next emanation and are expecting to experience it. If not, you will find yourself locked in a single frame (purgatory) of an endless film until you no longer wish to experience it.

All it takes is acceptance that you will be part of it - it is a choice that comes from unconditional love or freedom. You do not have to be worthy or be qualified, and being good or bad, right or wrong are not prerequisites for a ticket to ride. You simply have to know that it is what you are doing now. It happens automatically without any effort on your part or permission or acceptance by God or anyone else. You are the creator of all you will experience in this life or any other. You are God in human form manifesting thoughts into experience.

It is the mind that projects thoughts into an infinite numbers of realms of existence. The body is created and given an ego to drive the body and use its physical abilities to create the experience that the spirit wants to experience.

The short physical life that humanity has enjoyed or not over a few thousand years is but one experience. The possibilities in the universe are unlimited. Like going to a mall to do some shopping; the experience isn't over when you leave the first store. Shopping is the desired experience, buying something is a result of shopping. The idea of going to school is to graduate. You don't do that at the first level. However, life is not a school and it is filled with endless experiences that permeate into the next emanation.

There is a reason why some people are moving away from traditional thought. Because they have matured enough to see that what worked before will not take them to a different experience. Old thoughts are for an earlier time, and they have little relevance for an evolving species. Anthropomorphic God like creatures were for a different time. It doesn't mean that you have to through out the baby with the bath water. It means that you have to take another look at those beliefs and bring them into a new experience; a new time and place. They are stepping stones, not road blocks.

Change comes to those who are willing to change. Those who are ready for the next emanation will experience it. Those who aren't will not.

Who are the people of the next emanation? There are no chosen ones. There are only those who will choose to go.


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