ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


The Law of Karma


In Sanskrit the word karma means simply action. Sometimes referred to, as the law of cause and effect or the law of continuity of action, "like begetting like."

   One theory is that when we are born our lives are like a sheet of white paper on which nothing is written. Each life then develops as a result of its surroundings and the forces acting on it - parents, friends, society, the dominant culture, and so on.

   Others believe that Karma is simply a build-up of debt from past lives in which we did bad deeds. You cannot return to the creator until all debts are paid off. Still others believe it is associated with the term to be "born again." We are born into debt and we must be reborn free of debt to get to heaven. This one is used a lot by churches and faiths that place themselves between you and the creator in order to facilitate their own agendas.

   Karma is a pattern of thought that we have developed over the many incarnations that we have lived. For example lets say that a person was born with a gift that when used constructively gave him the agility in his hands to do specialized work to help people. Lets further say that this person chose to use this talent in a lifetime to picking pockets. He has now formed Karma or a pattern about his gift. He has chosen to use his gift not in harmony with his spirit. In his next incarnation he could reverse that pattern by using his gift to heal, such as in surgery or healing to help others. The law of Grace now equalizes the action. Unlike traditional thought about Karma, the law of grace allows the personality to use his gift positively to wipe out the negative Karma. Just because the person picked 2000 pockets, doesnít mean he has to heal or cure 2000 patients with his talent on order to repay Karma. It is simply a reversal of the destructive pattern however long it takes.

   I donít believe in Karma as a debt to be paid off before you can get into Heaven, Nirvana, Stovokor (Klingon) or what ever you call it. I believe in unconditional love. A debt implies a contract. A contract is a condition that must be followed in order to receive payment. I donít believe that the repayment of a Karmic debt would stand in the way of becoming one with the creator. If that were true, then unconditional love would not stand up. Unconditional love is just that; there are no conditions; no debt has to be paid. There are no punishments or rewards when you know unconditional love. There is only love.

   Although I believe this to be true, I would also say that when you become aware; you would not want to use your gifts for unloving purposes. You would not create the opportunity to build up such a debt. The reason for the reincarnations is to experience yourself in the God consciousness, and you would automatically correct such behaviour, otherwise it simply means you are not on the path of enlightenment and are not ready to join once more with your creator. You would simply live out a few more incarnations until you became aware of these patterns and then you would change them in attunement with spirit. Although the physical body dies, the mental and spiritual bodies remain much the same with respect to patterns and purposes. We carry these patterns with us even after death and start our new lives using the same patterns, or we become aware and discard them.

   The law of Karma helps us to understand why we are the way we are and to take responsibility for ourselves. We must not live our lives by attitudes based on this law. By recognizing these patterns or Karma, we can gauge as to where we are on the path of enlightenment. I see them as simple signposts to indicate to us our level of awareness or enlightenment. Use these signposts to change our habits or patterns that may be standing in your way. Use them as stepping-stones, not stumbling blocks. We should live in the awareness of the living spirit of our Creator, and consciously align our choices with that of spirit.

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