ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Who Are the People Who Will Save the World



Some people think that it is religion or faith that will save the world, while others think that it will be governments. I don’t think it will be either of these things, nor do believe it will be any organization or special interest group. The concept of saving the world is a waist of time. And while you are trying to save it, you will lose it. 

The first issue I have with this idea is that the world needs saving in the first place – it doesn’t! Who is it that says that the world is in need of saving? Is it the world/planet that needs saving or is it the people of the world that need saving. When we say “the world” are we referring to the planet or the people or both? In the Webster’s Dictionary “world” refers to the planet. So our efforts in saving the world are not about the people but the earth itself.  

Even if it were possible to save the world, you may still lose the people. Once again I submit that it is neither the planet nor the species; it is one person only – it is you. You are the only one worthy of saving the earth, the people and all the species who live here. No one else can do it. Two or more people will never be able to change something they collectively have no power over.

I really hope you are angered by reading this article. It means that you have some strong feelings about saving the world, and all things on it. You should be angered because you and you alone are responsible for the world the way it is. You are because there is really only one world; your world. Because there is no one other than you, you must take responsibility for it. It is your perspective of the world which creates the reality of your experience. The others that you created in your mind all helped you to configure the world as you now know and experience it.  

If you think or believe that it needs saving, then you would be absolutely correct in your judgment. But of course it would be your world that needs saving, not anybody else’s. And if you think it needs saving then you are using the same thought process that thinks it is against war. You cannot be for peace while you are against war. A mind that is fighting for peace is at war. A mind that is at peace only experiences peace and war is not part of its experience. 

When you think that the world needs saving you are recreating that experience time and time again. You are manifesting a world that is in need of saving. You cannot save a world that needs saving. Maybe you may think that this is all just semantics, but words are thoughts put into experience. Words are the second step in the process of creation or manifesting. So instead of trying to save a world that needs saving, why not improve a world that is already perfect. If you don’t like it, change it. Know it as perfect now and then change your mind about how you have created it. Decide for yourself, not anyone else, that you want to experience a world that represents your thoughts. Decide that you want to create and maintain an abundance of resources. Decide that you want to procreate within the sustainable ability of your environment.  

These are your decisions about your world that you want to experience. When you think these things you will create and experience them. 

God is not going to save you. Aliens from another planet are not coming to your rescue and show you the way, unless of course you create them. The idea starts in your head. You must assume the power to create because that is exactly what you are; you are the creator of all that you experience. Others are manifestations of your thoughts. You are the only one who exists. There is only one soul, one spirit or creator, and the illusion of the others being here is to facilitate what you want to experience. The world is a playground, a stage or holodeck that you have programmed for your purpose. 

If you want to save the world, then it is in your mind that you need to save the world; what or who are you saving it from. There are many who see this world as Heaven because that is how they experience it. Likewise, some see it as Hell because that is what they are experiencing. Still others see it as a place that needs saving. But all these others are aspects of your own thought process. They are helping you create a world that needs saving. They will also help you to save it or not. But they will not be motivated or animated to do anything until your thoughts give the order. It is your move; the ball is in your corner. If you think that you can escape because you are old or are on your death bed, you are using poor judgment. You will be back once again to experience what you left behind. 

Your thoughts don’t leave you. Your spirit will carry the essence of what you are now with you next time. You will always return to unfinished business but not necessarily as the same body. Leave the world thinking that it is perfect and you will return to perfection. Leave a world of need and you will experience it once again. 

You must take responsibility, you are not a victim of your circumstances; you are creating them. If you take no responsibility for the power to create, then you disempower yourself to create anything. You will experience being a victim. There are many who have come to this life cycle to experience just that, and it was a choice based on unconditional love and freedom of choice.  

Because we are one mind we use all the aspects of the one mind to create any experience. Your body is controlled by one mind. All its parts, arms, legs, eyes, mouth, ears, heart, lungs etc. work in unison to serve the mind.  

You are the one mind that controls all the parts of its ‘world’ body to create an experience of being physical. You are responsible only for your thoughts, because they are the only things that are real – for you. The experience is a manifestation of those thoughts. You will always experience what you continue to think of at some level of your consciousness. You will therefore always see a world that needs saving if that is what you are thinking. Your world will always be less than what you think you want to experience. 

Humanity has the process backwards. Thought comes first; then experience. So if you want to be happy, be happy first and it will be demonstrated in your physical experience as this or that in happiness. Likewise imagine or think about the world you would want to experience and all your experiences of that thought will be manifested. However, if you let doubts creep into your thinking, then your experience will be one of wanting and not experiencing. Knowing is absolute, nothing comes after knowing. Nor can you trick your mind, what you truly think you will experience. 

Who says the world needs saving? If it is you; you are absolutely correct in your experience, you always are. If you think you would like to improve your world, that is not a judgment or comment on the world; it’s simply a desire. 

When you start to think about improving things, you will start doing things which improve. Others will follow because they are your creations and part of your mind set. Your thoughts brought you to where you are today, and they will take you anywhere you want to go. 

When it comes down to it, it really is about protecting the world from your thoughts. When you are externalizing; you are disempowering your ability to effect the change you desire. When you wait for someone else to make the changes; you will always wait because waiting is your thought. 

Save the world? You can’t do it, but you can improve on your experience of it by changing your thoughts. You cannot save a drowning man, but you can save a man who is in the process of drowning. The thoughts are different. Listen to your thoughts then adjust them so that your experience will be in harmony with them.

When you think “I don’t want” garbage in my back yard; your actions will follow and you will pick it up. You will then experience a yard with no garbage. There may be nothing wrong with your back yard, it does not need saving; it’s simply the garbage which is creating an event you don’t want to experience. You don’t have to save the back yard; you need to improve your experience of it. Your back yard will always be your back yard no matter what the condition of it; it will never need saving. It is your experience that will change from time to time. 

You are the creator of all that you experience, change your thoughts; change your experience. That’s how it works.


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