ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


The Age of Affirmation


Evolution is part of our experience in the physical world. At first humanity had no rules and over time developed a few for survival. Religion came along and gave us a lifestyle at the expense of our eternal soul, freewill and self empowerment. Although 84% of the world is now religious that will also change as self awareness of what spirit actually is begins to replace images of pagan Gods, Heaven and Hell, and dependency on external powers.

As with all endings, come new beginnings. New Age thought is a transition from Religion to Self Awareness which will blend into a period of Affirmation of true identity and power as we move to enlightenment. These transitions are not to be feared but welcomed and celebrated. Humanity has moved very slowly for centuries and that is changing rapidly. Just over 100 years ago we were still on horseback and using fire to light our homes. Now we have been into space and our technology is driving us to move quicker and think faster. But even technology is slow compared to what the human mind is capable of. As a species we have scarcely tapped into our full potential as creators.

With few of us even knowing all the parts of our bodies we are so far removed from our personal power as creators. Man has the capacity to circumvent all technology and move past it spiritually. However that is in the very far future. Man chose to become human and come to this physical world so that he could experience being part of the technology and know the steps of creation personally.

Like religion, New Age brings an awareness of something that is to come along the road of enlightenment. It is not an end unto itself. Humanity needs to get past the idea that it can stay in any one place and survive; it can not! Life is movement, and it is always changing; it does not stand still. We are in a period where we can witness religion loosing ground to New Thought. Although people still associate themselves with religion for the most part; the thought is not pure. There are doubts as to its validity and its relevance not only to the 21st century, but to who we are, our purpose and where we go from here.  

Religion never gave us what it promised, and neither will New Age or any other period because they are simply steps in our evolution and not destinations. The Age of Affirmation which is the next period will only serve to remind us that we are creators of all that we experience. It is the message of New Age, but we will begin to practice and develop it and our others powers/senses in earnest. The next step is to know ourselves as God, as the creator not only of our experiences but of our physical lives.

This planet is a small place and only a step on our eternal journey through our galaxy and others. The physical senses which we now use and are familiar with will not be enough to take us to others worlds. What we are using now is basically a baby bottle; good enough to nurture us through our first steps; but not enough to carry us to adulthood, independence, and maturity. It is our other senses and powers which need to be developed before we can move any further. At this point we only have a glimpse or sense of what we are capable of. All our psychic abilities are available now. There needs to be the will to develop them, and with that we must be able to let go of what may have worked in the past. We must empty our cups in order to fill them once again.  

We will never lose or let go of our physical senses; they are the reason for choosing to experience physical life. They are addicting and desirable, and cannot be experienced in the absolute. We are after all, spirit experiencing the physical life, not physical life experiencing being spirit.  

The kind of spirituality that many of us experience as a chosen lifestyle is not the realm of spirit or even spirituality. It is our perception of what spirit is, experienced physically. You cannot experience being spirit in spiritual form unless you are in the realm of spirit. And visa versa; it is why the spirit has chosen to experience being physical. It has the image, the concept, a thought, but not the experience. An idea is not complete until it has been experienced. 

Many people who have acquired the abundance they desired and have reached the top of the mountain only find the other side of the mountain. To move further along you cannot take your abundance with you. Once again you must empty your cup to make room for new tea. You cannot be attached or anchored to old beliefs, concepts or ideas. You cannot solve a problem using the same thought process that created it. (Albert Einstein). Letting go is one of the most difficult things a physical being can do. After all things are what we came here to experience. New awareness creates new experiences, but you have to let go and let it happen. 

After thousands of years of Religion; it will be a slow death because, as humans, we donít want to let go of our beliefs no matter how well they have or have not served us. The good news is that all the dinosaurs died at the same time in good company. The mammals replaced them.  

New Age will not replace religion, but offer a stepping stone to the Age of Affirmation; a realization of spirit in the body as the same thing in different forms. Because God is a human concept of what spirit is, the name will disappear and be replaced as representative of what spirit actually is. Although it is just a word/name, the very word spoken brings up images and experiences created in an early stage of development. Not relevant and irrelevant at the same time; in our memories, but no longer in our experience as mature beings. Like dinosaurs to a child who has grown up. They had their place in time and space, but have been tamed. 

The Age of Affirmation brings with it infinite probabilities but no promises. There will be many who continue to experience physical life on earth, while others choose to experience it somewhere else. There will be some who still want to build a car or house from scratch, while others will simply be able to will them into experience. There will be some who wish to experience dinosaurs and religion; they will be able to do that as a trip to the holodeck or museum. Others will move faster at creating new concepts, new beliefs, and realities. As humanity gains momentum in its evolution we will be able to move beyond the boundaries it has created. We will be able to move further into space at speeds unimagined. Because our thoughts are elevated, our existence will no longer be about struggle or just surviving. Because we will know ourselves not only as creators but creators with unlimited power to create (as God), what we are experiencing now will be remembered as our first cry, and New Age will be the transformation and recovery from child birth.


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